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The Science Of Selling
By Tony Callahan

Whether you are pitching a proposal to a prospective client or writing copy for your web site, it is necessary to understand the science of selling.

In spite of what most people believe, selling is a science. And whether your know it or not, you are probably using some of the techniques of this science without even realizing it. Let's take a look at a few of the most powerful of these techniques.

Know your market

In all areas of sales, it is critical to understand the values and desires of your target market. What are their likes and dislikes? Are they motivated by price? Perceived value? Desire for status? Do they behave in a consistent manner? Tailor your pitch based on the information you gather about your audience.

Adapt to your market

If your audience is visually oriented, include lots of pictures in your presentation. If they are cut to the chase types include charts, graphs or bullet lists to summarize your most important points.

Listen to your market

Selling is not about talking, it is about listening. We have all dealt with the salesperson who goes on and on with their pitch, never really listening to our questions or objections. Do you buy from a person like this? Most of us won't. Listening is the key to the next technique.

Address their concerns

A serious prospect, one who is really interested will have some questions or concerns. Use the concerns of your audience to emphasize the strong points in your pitch. Pay attention to the words they use and echo these words in your responses.

Be prepared

Yes, I know it is the motto of the Boy Scouts. When the founder of the Scouting movement, Lord Baden-Powell, was asked what one should "be prepared" for, he replied, "For any old thing." This is excellent advice when applied to selling. Clients can be unpredictable. If you are prepared, this unpredictability can lead to many new opportunities.

Close, close, close

The best sales pitch in the world will be for nothing if you do not ask for the sale. People are not offended by someone asking for their business. They are used to it, they even expect it. So ask. In my coaching experience, this is the area where most clients fall short. Whether your use an overt close, such as, "Click here to purchase" or a more subtle approach, like, "Why not give us a try?", no technique is more powerful than asking for the sale.

These techniques are most effective when used in concert. They require effort and practice to be able to leverage their full potential, so take the time to study them. Look at your sales efforts, identify areas of strength and areas that could use a boost. Apply these techniques to the weak areas and put the science of selling to work for you.

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Tony L. Callahan, is an Internet Marketing Coach with more than twenty years of industry experience and is president of his own Internet marketing company, Link-Promote. He also publishes Web-Links Monthly, a newsletter full of tips, tricks, tools and techniques for successful web site promotions.

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