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Selling Is Not A Dirty Word
By Judy Cullins

Selling--a word that strikes terror in writers and professionals. We love to write. We love our work. We love to speak. We hate to SELL. To raise your book-selling awareness apply the 7 tips to 'selling.'

Our print and eBbooks may go unread because we don't get the word out. Maybe that's because we imagine the used car salesman or the vacuum sales person. They annoyed us because they didn't listen, they pushed, and we felt attacked. We defended our position, and that's what we think others do when we share our books or eBooks..

When you think of selling, think of sharing the love that went into your book and the unique, important message it delivers. Think, "Now that I've planted this garden, I want to reap its harvest. If I don't share the word with others, my garden will die from lack of attention."

If you are like me, you will want to put both your attention and intention on your book or service. Yes, use powerful words to describe your products. Yes, offer your books to others. Follow my lead and let them know about it through an ezine, press release, writing and submitting free articles Online, sending email follow ups, giving freebies to attract folks to your site, or learning how to sell books without a Web Site.

To raise your book "Selling" awareness, check out the acronym below:

S Sharing my book; educating and entertaining people with my unique information.

E Expecting positive outcomes; knowing my book's value, living it, and offering it with my short blurb--the "30-60 Second Tell and Sell."

L Listening to other professionals who have shared their books and created ongoing lifelong income, raised their credibility as a speaker, coach, or other professional, as well as living a grand adventure.

L Listening to what my reader's problems and needs are, so I can serve them through the essential "7 Hot-Selling Points."

I Involving people by sending them parts of the book, asking them to vote from 1-10 on each part. They could also add words or phrases that I didn't think of. Always thinking "does my book suit my audience's needs?"

N Nurturing business relationships through networking as a savvy friend who follows up regularly.

G Gaining enthusiasm from all the people who already love my book--enough to give me quality, specific testimonials.

Share your good feelings and good words about your eBook or print book with others. Show them how you and your information can help them. It's OK to sell because your book and you are significant and can help others.

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c. 2009 by Judy Cullins

Judy Cullins: author, publisher, book coach eBook: "Ten Non-techie Ways to Market Your Book Online"  ph: 619/466-0622

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