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Have You Forgotten A Key Aspect of Your Marketing?
By Kathleen Gage

One of the greatest challenges businesses face is how to market cost effectively while gaining a good return on investment (ROI). Interestingly, this can also be one of their greatest opportunities. Regardless of what industry you are in, the size of your organization, and how long you have been in business, you must continually look for ways to gain and maintain your visibility to your market.

Gaining visibility is one of the most important, and yet often most overlooked aspect of running a business. Perhaps you don't run a company, but you are in sales. Visibility applies to you as well.

Before you begin to aggressively position yourself and gain visibility, think about what the vision for you and your organization is. Gaining a vision of what the organization stands for, the impact you want to have on your customers or clients, the quality of products and services, your contribution to your community, and where you want the organization to be in the future is essential as you move forward.

Your vision is your ideal future state. To gain the clarity, create a statement that includes what you desire your organization to be like and be known for. Included in the vision are your values. What is most important to you?

Once you have your vision in mind, consider writing it down. This can help you to solidify your thoughts and to stay on track with what is truly important. There may be occasions one is tempted to stray from their core values. If this should ever happen, simply reread you vision statement to get back on track with the core of who you are. Truth be told, when you are congruent with your values, success is assured.

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Kathleen Gage is a business advisor and trainer based out of Draper, Utah working in areas of marketing, promotions and achievement for small businesses. She is the author of several books and a conference keynote speaker. Call 801. 619.1514 . Get Gage's free online newsletter Street Smarts Marketing and Promotions® by visiting

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