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Business Marketing Strategies From Bill Gates, Sam Walton and Walt Disney!
by Jeff Smith

What could you possibly learn from Geeky Bill gates, thrifty Sam Walton or "Mouse" man Walt Disney?

It's no accident these guys ended up living their dreams and making truckloads of money.


Is your eye on the Prize, rather than on adding value?

Have you noticed that online marketing has turned into a money-grabbing, greed-induced, morally deficient environment?

There are WAY too many online guru's, experts and noise makers that have forgotten that the way to generate true wealth and happiness is to add value to someone else's life.

It's time we re-examine what the best business marketing strategies really are!

Bill Gates had a vision to have a PC in every home.


It wasn't to make Billions - it was because he truly saw the potential computer applications and how they may help educate, entertain and enrich people's lives.

Sam Walton - his vision was to not only build the best value discount chain ever, but to employ a "family" of employees (associates) where he would enrich their lives.

How about good ol' Walt?

What business marketing strategies can he teach us are about?

The biggest dreamer of the bunch, Walt Disney's past is filled with vision and dreams of making people happy, improving the world - making money became important ONLY out of necessity of realizing his dream of improving the world!


Is it the desire for fast riches?

Are behaviors being driven by the need to maintain unrealistic lifestyles - usually to fill in for other voids in our lives?

Is it that we don't want to work for our success?

Is it that we don't dream anymore?

You may find this interesting --


Bill Gates certainly didn't earn his Billions based on charisma, communication ability, or his ability to interact with his customers.

What did set Bill Gates aside from those who can only dream about achieving what he has achieved are: self-confidence, strong vision, passion and timing.

Very early on, Bill Gates stated that his goal was to put a PC in every home -- he's almost achieved that seemingly crazy statement in just a few short years.

It all started with a VISION that was backed by his own PASSION for technology, computers, and their applications to improving people's lives.

It was very clear that Bill Gates was not in it purely for the money - from day one! His business marketing strategies were based on very clear, deep purpose.

How about Sam Walton?

Mr. Walton brings a few other characteristics to the table: Extremely good understanding of his customers, unwavering respect for his "team" of associates, and a patience that saw him spend years TESTING his business model - building slow and stead growth - not succumbing to the BIG BUCK.

Sam Walton knew his vision was a good one - to build a line of discount stores that would provide even more value to it's customers than their competitor - K-Mart.

By running a few stores and constantly testing the product mix - after several years, he finally arrived at the right business marketing strategy that stuck.

Walt Disney teaches us to dream BIG - even when you are starting with very small means.

Walt -- with little more than $40 in his pocket -- stated that he would make great Hollywood movies someday. How crazy must that have sounded?

What was his business marketing strategy?

He dared to DREAM BIGGER - when he decided to turn his animation characters into multi-streamed entertainment products including television, books, and his biggest dream of all - Disney World.

He didn't even live to see the opening of Disney World - but what a dream?


What are you willing to do to live your dreams?

How many false starts are you prepared to have?

How much action are you willing to take in the face of many setbacks?

Does your business marketing strategy reflect your beliefs and strong purpose?

Are you willing to be true to your dreams, beliefs, character and ethics - even when times seem really tough?

These are questions we all must answer EVERYDAY no matter what business or life we are leading.

Hopefully - we are able to say YES a lot more than NO.

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