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5 Training Tips for Sales Managers
by Wendy Weiss

How do you get your sales team solidly behind your telephone sales campaign and telephone sales goals?

1. Identify your goals

*Identify the goal of your telephone sales campaign.

*Identify the goal of every telephone call your team will make. (These may differ from your overall campaign goals.)

*Know the difference between your campaign goals and your individual telephone call goals. (For example, if your team is making calls to set new business appointments, the goal of the call is the appointment. The goal of the overall campaign is to gain new customers.)

2. Communicate your goals

*Make sure that your sales team understands your campaign goals.

*Make sure that your sales team understands the goal of every individual call.

*Make sure that your sales team knows and understands the difference between the campaign goals and the goals for individual telephone calls.

3. Plan your campaign and your calls 

*Plan out every potential sales scenario.

*Develop an appropriate script for each scenario.

*Make sure that your script includes answers to the objections your sales team is bound to hear.

*Make sure that your scripts are well written and in "spoken" English.

*Test and refine your scripts.

4. Report

*Have a method in place ahead of time to track all calls.

*Track all calls.

*Make sure that your sales team reports all unusual or unexpected sales scenarios.

*Analyze those unexpected scenarios and adjust your plan and scripts accordingly.

5. Trust your sales team

*Once you have planned your campaign, communicated all of your goals and trained your sales team, give your team a voice and decision-making power in handling prospects and customers.

*Trust that your sales team will handle calls appropriately and professionally.

*Your trust will result in better morale, better effort and better results.

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Wendy Weiss, “The Queen of Cold Calling,” is a sales trainer, author and sales coach. Her book, Cold Calling for Women: Opening Doors and Closing Sales, can be ordered by calling: (888) 522-8212. Contact her at

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