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How do I get started with my marketing?
By Kendall SummerHawk

Does marketing your business seem overwhelming? Have you  wondered how you were ever going to fit marketing into your weekly workload?

I know that marketing is usually an entrepreneur's least  favorite activity to do! Every week I receive emails from  entrepreneurs who are ready to get their business off the  ground but don't know where to start. Sound familiar?

I'm going to share with you 5 strategies you can take to get started marketing your business or re-vitalize your existing  marketing. These 5 strategies have been used by entrepreneurs over and over again, with these consistent results: greater  confidence, energy and enthusiasm for marketing, AND more clients!

Strategy 1

Get crystal clear on who your choice client is.  Why? So you know where to direct your marketing time, money and energy! I can talk for hours about the concept of choice client (look for more about this in future articles).

In a nutshell, your choice client definition clearly describes  the kind of person you most want to work with. It does NOT mean  this is the only person you will work with. It DOES mean this  is the only kind of person you will spend your marketing time, money and energy on.

Strategy 2

Develop a strong, compelling list of benefits your clients  receive from working with you. Once you orient your thinking, your language and your approach around the results you deliver, you will never be at a loss to describe your business again.

Strategy 3

Design 2-3 tiers of services you can offer. Include at least one way prospective clients can sample what you do with no commitment on their part.

Strategy 4

Create 3 ways you can consistently reach your choice client.  The keyword here is consistency. Even the best marketing  approach won't work well if it's only done sporadically.

If you enjoy writing, then write an article twice a month. Love networking? Go to networking events twice each week. Want to  build your referrals through strategic partners? (a fancy term  for those people who share your choice client) Create a list of other businesses that share your choice client and contact four of them each week until your list is exhausted.

Consistency is one of THE easiest ways to be successful building your business!

Strategy 5

Make time in your daily calendar for marketing.  Schedule this time as you would an appointment with a client and then honor that appointment with yourself!

Now it's your turn!

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