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The 10 Attributes of Highly Effective Marketing
by Jim Allen

Looking to improve your marketing efforts? No matter what marketing weapons you choose to use to promote your business, products, or service, the most effective marketing campaigns all have common characteristics....



    The best marketing campaigns sell your product/service... at a profit! These campaigns always make more money than they cost and always motivate people to buy what you're offering.



    Effective marketing is marketing with staying power. It can be used for months, weeks, and years. It maintains its selling power and appeal over long periods.



    Great marketing stands out from the mass of other messages by showcasing attitude: That of your company, your product,your customers.



    Power marketing puts substance ahead of style, emphasizing the real benefits of your goods or services without having to rely on chicanery, obfuscation, or gimmickry.



    Marketing that works is marketing that connects with the customer and focuses on their needs and interests, not the advertiser's. It engages them by talking to them, instead of about you.



    To that end, effective marketing helps consumers understand how their problems or issues can be solved using your services. As Jay Conrad Levinson says, "People don't care about marketing." They care about their lives, not your business.



    Again: people aren't interested in marketing. This is particularly true as the number of marketing messages we are exposed to increases exponentially. Interruption-based marketing (e.g., "pop-up" browser screens, SPAM) is NOT effective in the long run. Modern-day marketing involves getting customers' consent to market to them. It emphasizes creating a relationship with consumers.



    The best marketing recognizes the different strengths of various medium (t.v., radio, internet, magazines, etc.) and is specifically crafted for delivery VIA those medium.


  9. CLEAR

    Great marketing is clear, concise, and easy to understand.



    The most effective marketing shows flare and imagination but always with the goal showcasing your product and getting people to buy.

Use this short list as a guide to evaluating your new marketing programs, especially if they seem not to be effective... Look to see if there's a characteristic that's missing or needs to be enhanced. Doing so could be just the thing to make your marketing stand out and sell!

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Jim Allen, The Big Idea Coach™, is a Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach who helps small businesses creative effective low- and no-cost marketing plans. For more info & a FREE newsletter, visit:

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