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Dream Grabbing! Finding the motivation to go after your dream

By Cianna P.

" Where you find yourself tommorrow is a function of the decisions and actions you take today" Akin A. Awolaja

1. First you must know what you can accomplish in your heart and mind. If you are not sure of this, the game is over. You will never accomplish anything if you don't first believe you can. Every action starts with a thought, good or bad. One good thing to do is to write exactly what it is you want to do, become, accomplish. This will make it more real to you, and cements in your mind what it is you really want to do.

2. Take an action, any actions towards your goal. This starts you physically working to achieve your goal. Do this every day. And review what you have accomplished every week, so that you can see your progress. Write down what you have done to lead you towards your goal, (at least every month for you non writers!). this way you can review your steps at the end of each year, and see how you are progressing.

3. Don't allow negativity to take root. Don't worry if you have a setback. There will be times that you are ill, or not progressing for some reason. Don't make it into a catastrophe! Know that you are progressing even if it is not perfect, and continue. When you make the problem larger than it is, you have a tendency to quit, and in starts the "I don't know why I even thought I could do all this, it is useless" type of thinking. This will destroy all your progress, plans, dreams much quicker that having a little set back will! Be aware of this negative thinking and nip it in the bud. Remember everyone has setbacks, and problems. The ones that are successful just keep going when others quit!

4. Enrich yourself with positive books, people, and keep learning. Focus your mind on success. Make friends with positive people, and limit your exposure to negative people. Positive people give you food, negative people will only drain you. Besides negative people have an interest in keeping ;you down with them. You know... misery loves company:) They have no interest in bettering themselves, but a much greater interest in you staying down with them. 5. Remember that success is built on all our little decisions we have made over a period of time. It doesn't come in overnight, but is built brick by brick. That is why it is so important to write down our accomplishments every week. So you can see them! This way we can see the bricks we are using to build with, and make corrections along the way.

6. When you make a decision on what your dream or accomplishment will be, stick with it! So many people say one thing, but it never gets past that. We also don't get anywhere going down one road only to pick another tomorrow. Make sure of what it is you really want to accomplish, and what is in your heart to do, but then do it! talking about it gets you no where, it is consistent action that counts.

Good luck, and may your dreams come true!

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Cianna is a glass bead artist, and works at home. She sells her beads and jewelry online. She is a new webmaster, and home business owner. She also loves to write and has submitted some articles about her experiences in this venue.

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