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Provide Great Customer Service and Gain Instant Customer Loyalty
By Andres Munoz

Provide Great Customer Service and Gain Instant Customer Loyalty By Andres Munoz

If you thought that customer service was simply answering your customerís email, youíre dead wrong! Conducting an eCommerce business takes more attention to detail than a normal brick-n-motor company. With eMail being the most used Internet application you have a real opportunity to keep in touch with your customers and provide excellent customer service.

Great customer service can be as simple as an email form to a customer service rep or a detailed Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. FAQ pages save time and make life easier for the customer and cut down on administrative tasks. Those offering their customers or visitors a chance to earn extra income with an affiliate program will reduce many hours in administrative tasks with a simple FAQ page.

In addition itís also advisable to write a privacy policy. Here you will simply reiterate your commitment to your customers privacy, providing them with the assurance they you will protect their privacy with a secure ordering page and never trade their email addresses.

Autoresponders can also serve as your mobile 24/7 customer service representative. When you receive email make it a point to have a 24-hour turn around policy.

In addition to answering emails donít forget another very important aspect of eCommerce and that is order fulfillment. Keep in mind that your customerís expectations are very high so fulfilling orders must be done quickly. There are 2 tactics that you can easily employ after your customer makes a purchase:

1) When your customer gets to the download page include an additional product as a surprise bonus. If youíre shipping a physical products try to include an extra surprise bonus (preferably an item that wonít cost much). 2) A few days after purchase send a simple email thanking them for their order. If you wish you can offer them your back-end product at a discount.

The key here is over delivery and customers like bonus surprises. eCommerce buyers are a tough bunch and expect the best; going the extra mile will turn your customer into a loyal customer. Strive to run a very clean and efficient web site. Never use hype to sell your product or service all that does is hurt your credibility. Another stupid mistake is promising way too much and not delivering. Iíve seen many ďgurusĒ get slammed all over the marketing forums because they promised this and that and never delivered.

Providing excellent customer service will also pave the way for earning customer testimonials. These are extremely powerful in that they convey trust and product credibility. Testimonials will erode customer skepticism and make them more inclined to buy your product. Providing great customer service along with a great product will make your business grow by leaps and bounds and in the process upstaging your competition. ---------------------------------------------------------- Copyright (c) 2003 Andres Munoz Andres Munoz is the Editor of MyBiz eZine Newsletter where he writes about the skills needed for successful Internet marketing and running an on-line business. To subscribe, visit: Other articles are available from Andres Munoz in his FREE eBook, "The MyBiz Article Collection"
Andres Munoz is the owner of Dedicated in helping the home-based entrepreneur in developing a serious web presence, mail order business, home-based business and creating a permanent presence through effective marketing.

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