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Perceived Indifference
By Gauher Chaudhry

Why do people change companies? Why do people go to other places to purchase services or products?

A study concluded that 30% left because of reasons such as convenience, relationship, product/price and other reasons.

What about the other 70%? Simply because of received indifference. If you can not distinguish your products or services from your competitors, than people will not perceive any difference and purchase from anyone.

To be successful today, you must create a perceived difference! Why should I purchase from you instead of your competitor?

A friend I once knew was telling me a story about a discount store that was trying to create a perceived difference by guaranteeing that when you checked out the clerk would smile and personally thank you for shopping at the store. If you did not get a smile and a thank you, the store would write you a check for $100! Now that is what I call putting your money where your mouth is.

Creating a difference from your competitor is what will distinguish your product or service amongst the customers. This store was trying to do this by making the customer feel good when they finished shopping.

Now going back to this story, my friend was checking out and the cashier did not smile or say thank you for shopping at the store. My friend quickly said "You owe $100 for not smiling and saying thank you!", all excitedly. The cashier calmly looked over at my friend and said, "Sorry Sir, that promotion ended yesterday."

Rule of thumb. If you are going to create a perceived difference don't make the mistake that this store made and have it for a limited time. Incorporate it into your everyday business!

Another personal example, I was once shopping for a pair of jeans. I walked into a store that was selling jeans and the store clerk was very nice and helpful. She stirred up a conversation about the sports team that was on my t-shirt and was very polite. I went to another jean store and the sales clerk did not even smile or talk. Their jeans were a couple of dollars cheaper, but guess who I bought the jeans from? The first store.

Although the jeans were the same except for a small price difference, the first store created a perceived difference by being courteous and nice. They seemed like they cared more and by creating that atmosphere they also got my sale.

Now for all of us who run a business on or off the internet. How can YOU create a perceived difference? What extra value can you add to your customer that will distinguish you from your competitor? Could be something simple as sending a Christmas card every year or smiling at every customer.

Think about this and come up with an idea for your business. I am sure it will only make it better!

Copyright Gauher Chaudhry, All Rights Reserved. 

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