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Eight Secrets to Maintaining an Outstanding Business
By: Gerri D Smith

Secret #1 - Aim not to make money.
Instead, help others to succeed and provide them with a solution to their problems. Keep this secret in mind while working your business and the money will come. Believe it.

Secret #2 - You must possess a strong self-image.
A strong self image is the foundation of real success. To create a strong self- image, build upon your little victories or successes. Whenever one door closes, knock on another. And another, until you discover the one door of opportunity that leads to accomplishment. Building your self-image can make the difference between success and failure in everything you try to achieve.

Secret #3 - You must like yourself enough to grow mentally and spiritually.
Without this positive self-image, real success is difficult. When you possess confidence and strength, you are empowered. Your self-image grows as a result; you are then able to reach new heights.

Secret #4 - Create good habits.
Good habits are powerful tools that can influence your clients, customers, and employees. When you don't allow for the creation of good habits, you naturally end up with bad habits. Which would you rather have? The reward for developing good habits is an outstanding, well managed business and a successful personal life.

Secret #5 - Replace fear with awareness.
Outstanding business people are not afraid to do uncomfortable things in life. Doing uncomfortable tasks helps you accomplish the things you want to do. It helps you to form the habit of winning and gives you a purpose or reason to complete the task. Even though you may experience failures, you learn what not to do and are able to bounce back and try again.

Secret #6 - Know what's important to you, and act accordingly.
Learn how to balance work and play. To be outstanding, entrepreneurs also must have a strong spiritual side. Along with a deep faith, always maintain a high level of energy; patience, vision to look ahead, optimism in times of need, and determination to follow through on your decisions.

Secret #7 - Maintaining an outstanding business requires a caring attitude.
Develop the ability to care about yourself, your family, your clients or customers, and your employees. Develop ways to improve your product, rather than on making more profits. The profits will come when you think about giving, and not getting.

Secret #8 - Outstanding business people test their limits everyday.
When you test your limits, you discover new strengths. It's like being a child who first learns how to walk. The child falls down many times, but always gets back up to try it again. In doing so, they create a perfect, ongoing pattern of discovering abilities they never knew they had. The pattern to try again and again, always discovering new things is a characteristic of an outstanding business person.

This desire to test your limit is somehow forgotten as we become adults. When desire is present, there are no tasks that are unreachable. Desire forces you to think differently. It forces you to act. It forces you to test your limits, to discover new abilities. Desire then, is the first step to success. It will help build and maintain your outstanding business.

Go, do, and be outstanding.

Copyright January, 2003 Gerri D Smith

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