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Build A Better Business With Customer Feedback
By Gauher Chaudhry

One of the most overlooked methods of improving one's business is getting customer feedback. I have to admit that I am guilty of not using this method effectively in the past. Customer feedback is vital to a business' success because without it, the business will not know how it can improve.

Let me shock you with this statistic. Did you know that 97% of unsatisfied customers never complain? This means that only 3% of your customers are actually complaining! It takes effort on part of the customer to draft a letter of complaint or to telephone a company to voice their displeasure. The easiest and most effortless option is to never do business with your company again.

Did you ever have a regular customer who all of a sudden stopped doing business with you? Did you ever wonder why? Getting effective feedback on whether your customers are satisfied will answer a lot of these puzzling questions. Encouraging your customers to supply feedback also shows that you care and helps maintain a good relationship with them.

Sending out a feedback survey and getting an excellent rating does not necessarily mean that you have a satisfied customer. You may have asked them all the questions about your company that were positive for them and missed the ones that were negative for them. You should always include an open-ended question at the end asking them if they have any additional comments to give them a chance to voice any displeasure.

Here is an example of a simple feedback form:

<-- Start of Example -->

1. How would you rate the customer service?
Excellent - Good - Fair - Poor

2. Was your product delivered on time?
Excellent - Good - Fair - Poor

3. How do we rate against our competitors?
Excellent - Good - Fair - Poor

4. Are you happy with the product you received?
Excellent - Good - Fair - Poor
If No, please tell us why?

5. Do you plan to do business with us in the future?
Yes - No 
If No, please tell us why?:

6. How can we improve our services?:

<-- End of Example -->

You need customer feedback to take prompt actions that will keep customers satisfied and loyal to your company. You do not even have to necessarily have to ask them any specific questions. You could just include a note on your web site stating that you welcome any sort of feedback and an email address where they can send it.

When you do receive customer feedback, you must use it to improve your business. The customers are the only reason why you are in business, so satisfying them will ultimately make your business more profitable.

A customer feedback form can be applied to large and small businesses. As long as a company is in business, the company has customers that it must keep satisfied to remain successful.

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