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Increase Sales - By Using A "Safety" Niche!
By Roy Primm

People have a basic need to feel safe. Itís a fact, people will fight harder, work more hours and take action quicker to protect what they have, than they will to gain more.

People hate to lose what theyíve worked so hard to gain. This article will show you how to carve out a niche - by adding the safety factor to your product or service.

People are concerned with safety, because without it quick losses can happen. Many years of work could be wiped out in seconds to those who neglect the vital principle of safety.

Weíre worried about the safety of our finances, how to protect them in shaky markets, rising cost, and from fast talking salespeople.

Yes, the vital need for more safety is a daily need that never goes away. If you can show others how your product or service can add safety to their life, youíd have a powerful niche. Donít you agree?

People will pay extra for the feeling of security, itís a basic human need we all have. This article will show you ways to use your product or service to appeal to the need for safety we all crave.

If you donít have a product or service, the goal of this article is to stimulate you to find a niche product or service that caters to peoples need for safety.

No matter what product or service you have, this article will show you how to use the principle of safety to sell more of your product or service.

Whatever you can do to make your potential customers feel more secure, however small, will be a major plus in growing your profits.

People hate to experience loss, be ripped off, or waste money. Each day try to think of little ways you can help people achieve the above goals with your product or service.

Helping people feel more safe and secure has a direct financial benefit we can all quickly see.

Always be on the look out for how you can give your customers more safety, many will reward you with more business.

Features exist within your product or service that can give your customers that extra sense of security. It could be found in a host of things Ė such as your money back guarantee, your fanatical customer service, or quick response to customer questions or problems.

Your customers want to feel youíll be just as concerned about their happiness after you get their money - as you were before you got it. Think about it, donít you feel that way when you buy something? So, try to emphasize things that will give your customers that feeling of security theyíre always looking for it.

Working to create risk reducing features and benefits in your product or service will be time wisely invested. It will give you the niche people are always seeking.

If youíre not coming up with ideas to lower your customerís risk, youíre opening yourself for your competitors to steal them from you.

People donít want to be hurt, ignored, swindled, abandoned, or regretful. Itís your job to create product and service niches that help reduce the above risk. Youíll often be rewarded with customer loyalty, referrals, and profits.

Do you have a product, service, or offer that will help people protect, preserve, or conserve what they already have? Then you have a huge market of people waiting to do business with you now!

Everyone wants to protect his or her time. Can your product, service, or offer help your customer protect and conserve their time? Everyone wants to preserve their money, protect their family, conserve their resources, and hundreds of other things.

Can your product or service help your customer avoid loss in any shape, form, or fashion? Then play it up and watch your sales increase. Make a feature of your product, service, or offer safer than your competitors and they may find your safety niche hard to beat.

Roy J. Primm (The Niche Man) is a freelance writer whose hobby/obsession is studying niches. To read more on how you can improve sales - by improving your "niche creation skills" go to...

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