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How To Create A Niche - And Grow Rich!
By Roy Primm

"Niches are like bathrooms; you never notice one until you need it!” –Primm

1. What is a niche?

A niche fills an unmet customer need. Niches are at the heart of every successful industry, business, product, or service.

Niche marketing is the opposite of mass (general) marketing. It targets specific people with specialized needs.

Niches are what build industries, businesses, and jobs.

Having a niche is the only way to eliminate direct competition.

2. Why are niches so important?

Niches provide specific customer needs that have been ignored, overlooked, or neglected by others.

The ability to create a niche is the quickest way to financial success.

A niche levels the playing field - if you have little money, zero connections, or no experience.

The highest paying skills are the ones that focus on a niche segment of their market, rather than the mass (general) market. People who specialize are paid the most.

3. How Can I Out-Niche My Competition?

Make it more convenient for your customers, by learning how to creating a niche. Then you’ll soon make it more inconvenient for your competitors to compete with you. Don’t just wait to find a niche, create one! That’s the key.

There are always prospective customers that you or your competitors have never seen. The first one to create a niche that appeals to them - will win them.

Increased profits are waiting for the person or business that can create the next niche in their chosen industry.

People want products and services that cater more to their personal needs. The person or business that can be the first to cater to these specific niches (needs) will win this new breed of customer.

Focus on what new, specific niche you can fill or improve on, that others won’t, can’t or haven’t filled yet. This could fling you ahead of your competition before they know what hit them.

4. How Can I Use Niches To My Benefit?

You can benefit by focusing on smaller (specialized) segments of your industry. This is niche marketing at its best. Take the bow and arrow approach, not the shotgun.

Remember, your competitors are constantly looking for ways to steal your customers, by appealing to the special needs you’re not filling. You priority should be to find or create the niche first – and steal theirs.

Avoid trying to be all things to all people; this carries the most risk. The key is to “specialize.” Create a niche-and grow rich. Specialization (a niche) in all fields of endeavor earns the most, including the business you’re in.

5. What’s The Easiest Way I Can Create A Niche?

Listen to people’s problems, complaints, and irritations. They're signs of niche opportunities.

Does creating unique market niches involve huge cost? No. But it does involve focused attention to your customers spoken and unspoken needs, problems and complaints.

Get in the habit of listening to customer problems and complaints about your product or service. These complaints and problems are your golden seeds of opportunity for creating niches - if you know how to work them.

Potential niches are everywhere; it often takes a customer complaint to make a specific niche come alive in your mind. Take the time to think about the power of a niche, you’ll suddenly find yourself creating more each day.

Roy J. Primm (The Niche Man) is a freelance writer whose hobby/obsession is studying niches. To read more on how you can improve your niche creation skills go to...

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