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Answers to People Skills Quiz

by John Boe

Here are the answers to people quiz. If you haven't taken the quiz, please do so before looking at the answers. The quiz is here.


1. C. Sincerity

2. D. Critical judgment

3. E. None of the above

4. A. Approval

5. B. Decision

6. A. Stalling

7. C. DNA. We are born into one of four primary temperament styles; Aggressive, Expressive, Passive, or Analytical.

8. B. Charles Darwin. Darwin's book, The Expressions of Man and Animals was written in 1872.

9. A. Hippocrates

10. D. All of the above

11. False

12. True.

13. False

14. False

15. False

Well, how did you do on the quiz?

Whether you're brand new to sales or are a seasoned professional, understanding body language and temperament styles will help you close more sales in less time!

Understanding body language and temperament styles will help you…

⇒ Quickly and accurately visually determine another's temperament/behavioral style (Aggressive, Expressive, Passive or Analytical)

⇒ Determine the most effective presentation style and selling strategy for each of the four "buying styles"

⇒ Close more sales in less time by recognizing your prospect's buy signals!

⇒ Build trust and rapport quickly

⇒ Discover how to adjust your own behavioral style to become more versatile, adaptable and highly successful

⇒ Learn how to read people and know if someone is interested, stalling, deciding, lying or being critical

⇒ Learn how each style is likely to manage time, react to stress and act in social and business situations

⇒ Deal with difficult and demanding people
If you want to get promoted, make more sales and improve all of your relationships you must be able to maximize your inherent strengths and minimize your weaknesses.


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