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The Pret A Manger Brand
By Colin Bates

Pret is a sandwich shop. It (Pret) is to sandwiches like Starbucks to coffee. Pret was founded in London in 1986 and has now grown to over 130 shops, most in the UK but also in New York and Hong Kong. (Its recent opening in Hong Kong is what reminded us of the brand, we were working in London when it launched back in the 1980s).

At the heart of the brand is passion. Passion for the food they make and the people they employ, (Fortune magazine named them one of the top 10 companies to work for in Europe).

How do they communicate this passion? Not through conventional advertising, but through their beliefs and their behavior.

Take a look at how they bring meaning to their brand by the commitments that they make:

They are passionate about natural quality food: they avoid additives and preservatives.

They are passionate about freshness: all food is made fresh in the shop.

They are passionate about improvement, seeking advice from customers.

What is at the heart of my brand, and how do I communicate it (not through conventional advertising, but through my beliefs and my behavior)? Because it is what you do that matters, not what you say.

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