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Create a Catchy Slogan to Attract Clients
by Marisa D'Vari

Are you complaining that you don't have enough clients? Depending on what you have to sell, prospects are all around you. But to capture their attention and turn them into clients, you need to "hook" them with a catchy slogan.

If you've written articles or press releases, you know the importance of a catchy title and headline.

So, consider words coming from your mouth as you introduce yourself as the "headline" and make them dynamic!

Give them that "technicolor" saturation that makes them stand out from the pack and makes you memorable.

Creating, memorizing, and delivering a catchy slogan is more than an "elevator speech."

At speaking engagements, San Francisco based Literary Agent Jillian Manus often mentions the importance of slogans.

In one session, she told her audience that she longed to have a catchy slogan attached to her name, but couldn't find anything to rhyme with "Manus."

Then one day she decided to use her first name, Jillian.

The result?

"Make a million with Jillian."

The most perfect Magnet Message an agent can have.

Dan Poynter, a publishing consult, uses his own name to promote his newsletter, Publishing Poynters.

Need more help? Try the tips below:

*Brainstorm a catchy slogan to match your name, product, service or book.*

Be creative!

Consider these possibilities:

  1. A rhyme with your first or last name (e.g. "make a million with Jillian").
  2. A moniker (a man writing a romance book might be the "red hot lover."
  3. A funny take on what your company does (e.g. "ghostbusters" for parapsychologists").

Like everything, practice makes perfect. Good luck!

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Marisa D'Vari © 2003

Marisa D'Vari is the author of TopPRSecrets. You can get a free, 5-part seminar based on her book by visiting

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