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Entrepreneurism Bible and are members of the Entrepreneurism Network. Our mission is to provide comprehensive information to all entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, home based businesses and professionals about starting, nurturing, and growing a business. We also help individuals to grow by providing self help information regarding their career and personal lives. is the web portal for entrepreneurs. This website provide in-depth information about entrepreneurism in general, such as developing a business plan, marketing plans, financial management, setting up strategic alliances and joint ventures, leadership development etc. specializes in providing a comprehensive resource for entrepreneurs interested in ecommerce, internet marketing, website design/development, web 2.0 and the new media for your marketing.

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Recent Additions

Business, General

ACTION! Doing, Doing, Done! ?Finishing That Big Project
Big projects are daunting, whether it's a strategic plan, a screenplay, a new business plan or a book. Although you want to complete it, you find that things prevent you from attaining the goal ?getting it done.

5 Ways To Permanently Avoid Your Biggest Business Income Killer!
If your daily activities are not constantly growing your new enquiries, improving your sales conversion rate, growing your transaction size and increasing the customer buying frequency, you will have an unhealthy bottom line, lose interest and give up!

The Power in Establishing Support Teams
Consider establishing teams that will help you refine and implement your ideas. Develop one, several or all four of the following support teams to help you reach your goals.

Naming A Business? Mom Knows Best!
People naming businesses don't always understand the ramifications of picking the perfect name. Where parents spend countless hours and even sleepless nights picking their child's name, a business may be named in a few short minutes.

6 Mistakes To Avoid When Starting Your Business
When you first think about starting your business there is a lot of excitement and hope. However after the first rush of adrenalin, you realize that you are not as confident as you thought you were. Nagging doubts about your ability to achieve success start to creep in.

Five Cool Resources for Small Businesses in Hot Water
Today more than 26 million Americans operate small businesses. Nearly all of those entrepreneurs will find themselves in a sticky situation at one time or another. Knowing exactly where to find solutions for problems can make the difference between success and failure.

Seven Biggest Business Blunders That Women Make
Here are the top seven business blunders that women make.

Building the Worlds Biggest Book Empire
The co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul?illustrates how an idea can develop into an empire. Find out how to harness the power of publicity, education, e-commerce and sales for the growth of your business.

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Customer Service/CRM

Customer Satisfaction - Respect their time
Learn to respect your customers time and in turn they'll respect your business.

10 Ways to Exceed Your Client's Expectations Every Time!
The following tips are just a few of the things I do as examples of setting my service apart from the crowd.

Enhance Your Customer Relationships with Email Newsletters
Here are a few examples of how you can enhance your relationship with your customers with an email newsletter.

Handling Customer Complaints
Customer complaints are never easy for small businesses. Many small businesses are ran from a staff of five or less. So how can small businesses handle customer complaints without taking them personally?

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Collaboration, Joint Venture

Strategies for Successful Joint Ventures
Joint venture marketing relationships can be extremely valuable. Making them work does take time and consume resources. And because you don't have unlimited time and resources, it makes sense to be strategic in selecting your joint venture partners.

The Secret To Million Dollar Joint Ventures
Small JV's are easy to set up, but to set up really worthwhile JV's... what I call "million dollar joint ventures" you need to do this face to face.

What are Joint Ventures (JVs)?
JVs are a win-win situation. If you want more TRAFFIC and know someone who already have it, all you have to do is contact that person, talk with him and form a JV partnership.

Checklist of Questions to Answer Before You Buy A Franchise
Before putting any money into a franchise, you should investigate everything completely. We've prepared a list of questions you should be asking, and should get satisfactory answers to before investing.

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Public Relations

Gaining Free Publicity Through Press Releases
One of the greatest ways to promote your product or service is with publicity. Fact is, people will pay more attention to free publicity than they often do to paid advertising.

Why Do You Want PR?
Why Do You Want PR? To get someone's name in the newspaper or a product mention on a radio talk show?

The Best PR Has to Offer Managers
When you, as a unit manager for a business, non-profit or association, take these steps to help persuade your key outside stakeholders to your way of thinking, then help move them to take actions that lead to your managerial success, that IS the best PR has to offer. managers.

Doubt PR's Clout? Don't!
Done right, PR helps modify the behaviors of your most important target audiences, and that can spell S-U-R-V-I-V-A-L.

Yes, Public Relations Can Help Your Business
Do you worry about certain behaviors among your most important audiences because those behaviors are vital to achieving your objectives? If your answer is yes, you need public relations.

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Your Brand Makes People Feel Something

5 Key Lessons I Learned From Working at AOL About Creating a Brand for Your Business
After 10 years of forging my career at AOL during their rise to global dominance, I consider myself corrupted. The lessons I learned there are seared onto my brain. And, thankfully so, because I've used everything single one in building my own business.

Unique Selling Proposition
Many businesses market their unique selling proposition to illustrate the advantages of their product or services. When trying to establish a unique selling proposition, it is crucial to find ways to differentiate and distinguish your business from your competitors, place emphasis on the positive differences between others in the marketplace.

Internal Branding: Delivering Solutions through Employees
The aim of marketing has long been to carry the brand message to the public. But did you know that your brand is carried by your people as much as by your marketing?

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Ten Stories That Can Sell Anything
Advertising is all about telling your marketing story: a story that your audience can relate to, so that it builds confidence and credibility in your ability to deliver your product or service.

Cold Calling: Top Three Components of Successful Cold Calls Revealed!
A cold call to a heavy-weight prospect, for the purpose of scheduling a face-to-face sales call, is in reality an extremely, sophisticated sale. In fact, it's a sales presentation that's so dog-gone good, that it's stripped down to the bare essentials.

Cold Calling: How To Put An End To Voice Mail Jail
One of the most frequently asked questions asked by our clients is, "I leave a lot of voice mail messages without getting any personal contact--ever. Do you have any tips for me?"

6-Step Model for a Simple Marketing Plan
To help unleash the extra profits currently hidden in your business or practice here is a simple Five Step Marketing Model.

Get Specific with Your Pitch Letters
The query letter is your sales tool. What you include in the letter should only be your best so that editors cannot turn down you or your idea.

Boost your selling power with your call-to-action phrases
Is there something missing from your marketing material? If you don't have a call-to-action phrases, you're missing an essential component to great copy.

5 Fast Tricks For Making More Sales!
You've got a killer headline -- lined up benefit after benefit -- but it won't make you a dime unless you can close the sale and make the reader of your sales letter hand over their cash.

3 Really Good Reasons to Invest in Market Research Now
Market research arms you with the information you need to grow your sales more easily: Here are 3 reasons why you should invest in market research for your small business.

Psychological Tricks in Selling
Whether you are a Real Estate agent selling multi-million dollar homes, or a worker trying to sell your boss on the idea that you are a valuable employee, everybody is selling something. So it would be wise to learn these secret tricks and use them to achieve your own personal success.

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Is Accounts Receivable Draining Your Cash Flow?
Making a sale is very important. But collecting the money for the sale is also extremely important. It does not do any good to sell a product if you don't collect your money.

How to Negotiate Equity Ownership When Raising Money for Your Business
Three tips to negotiate a larger share of equity ownership in your business and get investors to feel less exposed to losing their investment.

Five Tips for Successful Business Financing
Ninety-five percent of company start-ups are backed by a patchwork of savings and personal loans. Here are tips to do it right.

How To Take Up To $500,000 Out of Your Corporation -- Tax Free!
Here's a legal loophole that will allow you to take up to a half million dollars out of your small business corporation --- Tax Free!

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Surprising Lessons About Success And Happiness Cancer Survivors Can Teach Us
Interested in becoming more happy and successful? Cancer Survivors have obviously been through one of the hardest tests life can throw us and this article has some surprising information from them that you can use to move your life ahead today.

How Emotional Intelligence Creates Effective Leaders
Research indicates that Emotional Intelligence (E.I.) can determine success more than I.Q. In fact, E.I. may determine as much as 80% of a person's life success.

3 Secrets to Developing Superior People Skills
The secrets are: If What You Are Doing Is Not Working Change Your Approach, Learn From People Who Get Results, and Invest In Your Future

Leadership: Taking Responsibility for Our Choices
We realize that things at work or in some aspect of our personal lives are not going the way we want them to go. Deftly we find other people or outside circumstances to blame for our dissatisfaction.

The Principles of Success
Believe you can succeed and you will. Achieving success in whatever endeavor you choose may be the goal of life, because it gives you freedom from worry. Could that be?

Can Eating Cottage Cheese Help You Be Happy & Successful?
Was eating cottage cheese the secret of Tom "Terrific" Seaver's success?

Five Defining Characteristics of Great CEOs
Want to know how to measure CEO performance. Look at financial results, sure, but great CEOs have 5 defining personal characteristics.

Self-Confidence Is The Key To Personal And Professional Success
Were born with high levels of confidence in certain areas and not in others. And its different for all of us. But well need different levels of confidence depending on what we want to do with our lives.

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Career/ Business Tools

Top 10 Tips for Career Advancement
Want to know how to move up the corporate ladder as quickly as possible? Follow these top 10 tips for career advancement!

Gracefully Accepting Feedback a Key Employment Skill
Prepare yourself to get the feedback from others that will help you develop yourself into the powerful person you can be at work.

Four Employee Behaviors that can Kill Your Business
Be clear about what you will and won't tolerate in your workplace. You're the boss - set the boundaries.

5 Interviewing Tips To Get That Job
Interviews are the gateway to landing your ideal job. These five tips will help you get own your way to making that job yours.

Top Ten Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills
Good listening skills take practice. Specific coaching may be necessary if you find you have communication issues with your boss, colleagues, subordinates, partners or personal relationships.

12 Ways to be a Confident Public Speaker
Speak from your heart. If you believe in what you say, than others need to hear it. All confident speakers fall in the P2 (passion plus persistence). Be sure your speech contains your most fundamental beliefs and comes from authenticity.

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