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Strangely Powerful “Visual Impact” Technique For Writing Stronger Sales Letters!
By Grady Smith

Imagine sitting down at your computer, and with a few keystrokes, creating a stronger sales letter that immediately captures your prospects attention, creates a visual image in their mind of them having great success with your product, and then gets them so fired-up about your offer that you nearly close the sale in two or three paragraphs. In a moment, I’ll show you exactly how you can do this for your sales letter.

Still reading?

Of course you are! I’ve just used a powerful mind technique on you that details what I’m going to do for you if you continue to read. And by opening this article with a story that puts YOU in the center of it and creates a visual image of success, I’ve gotten your attention.

People love to read stories, especially when it’s about them. And when you use a story to open your sales letter you’re playing on human curiosity. But that’s not all…

By creating a story around your product you create an opening that actually does two jobs. It entertains your prospect while giving them specific details about your product.

But there is more power behind this concept.

Your story opening not only entertains and informs, but it creates a strong mental image in your prospect’s mind. Just look at the opening of this article and you’ll see what I mean. I created an opening story that has you creating a stronger sales letter.

You can see it. You actually picture yourself using the information in this article to create a hard-hitting sales letter. And when you get a prospect to see themselves using your product, you’ve already done 99% of the selling.

That’s right! If you can create a picture in your prospect’s head where they see themselves using your product or service and loving it, then they’re going to be more inclined to buy.

Unfortunately, bridging the gap between telling about your product and actually getting the prospect to think about owning it are two different things. But now, it’s easy when you use this powerful visual impact technique.

Here’s how it works…

Sit down and write out a list of benefits your product or service offers. Then slice through them and come up with the absolute biggest benefit you offer.

Got it?

Okay, now we’re going to take that benefit and create a story around it. Your goal here is to show the reader using your product or service and experiencing the benefit.

To show this story writing in action, let me give you an example:

Let’s say I’m opening a sales letter for a new diet pill that actually makes you view your favorite foods as unpalatable. Here’s how I might start it:

“Imagine for a moment, if you will, sitting down to a table that is filled corner to corner with all your favorite foods. You see cheesy pizza, a thick steak, perhaps a huge bowl of double chocolate ice cream. And then imagine looking at this food -- the same stuff that you’ve always craved -- and imagine the literal thought of eating it absolutely disgusting.

Do you see how that works?

I create a mental image in the prospects mind of them sitting down at a table and turning their nose up at the foods that have always caused them to gain weight. And I could even go into more detail to really get them picturing themselves in the position of using the product.

This concept is powerful when done right. And you can easily achieve awesome results from your current sales letter by simply starting it out with a story that takes your product’s biggest benefit and allows the prospect to visual see themselves using and enjoying it.

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