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How to produce an effective ad and get results.

One of the first skills anyone new to business has to master is the art of writing an ad. To promote a product or service we need to advertise and for this we need a well written power- packed ad. Its a lot more difficult than it seems.

One of the oldest formulas around which still holds true today is.

An ad cannot produce results if it is not seen. It must grab the Customer's attention. It must evoke interest and desire and must always end by inviting action.

HEADLINE. This is the most important part of any ad. Keep it simple and short with strong attention getting words. (E.G Free Money New Win.) It gives your customer their first information about the ad. The success of the ad will depend whether or not the reader's interest is held. The reader's self interest is always close to the heart. This needs to come across within the headline.

BODY Here is the heart of the ad. It should offer information and answers to reader's questions. Use clear simple English and be as specific as possible. Get as many details down as possible within the message. Don't put your email address if possible as this is how spammers collect them. Put a link to you website if you have one and give a phone number if you can.

THE FINISH Always finish the ad with an invitation to act.

E.G. Visit www…………ORDER NOW/ SIGN UP NOW

Always jog down any ideas or bits of information you come across. It will provide material to produce an effective ad copy . Produce different versions of your ad. Test and track each ad. Always work smarter not harder. Only spend money and time on promotions that bring results.

Good luck and all the best.


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