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How to Turn More Prospects into Paying Customers
by Jim McCraigh

How would you like to double the number of new leads or customers you generate each month, without increasing your advertising budget? The secret isn't spending more money; it's generating a higher response from the dollars you're already spending. Let me explain...

Businesspeople who write their own direct sales copy (unless they've mastered the art of writing "ad copy") inevitably write about themselves, their companies, and what they're selling. It's only natural; it's how we were taught to write in school. Then we struggle to find just the right words to make our sales messages as persuasive as possible. But, often in that quest for the perfect ad made up of perfect words and phrases, we can miss the point and lose the sale.

Sales copy that makes your phone ring is not about your words, but your message. If the message isn't right, then the words don't matter much. It's like painting a car that doesn't run--- it looks good, but it won't get you anywhere.

Let me explain. If the prospect does not become EMOTIONALLY INVOLVED in your message, your chances of converting them into a paying customer are slim. This is true for anything you sell from autos to zippers. Even highly paid CEOs buy on emotion and use logic to justify it. If you want to craft effective sales letters, radio ads or web sites you need to supply both these logical and emotional elements.

Most of us have no problem with the logic half. After all, we know our own product or service inside out and backwards. But how do you draw the prospect in emotionally? Prospects don't care about you, your company, or what you're selling. What they want to know is: "What will I gain or lose if I don't act NOW?" Convince them by proving that you can help them in at least one of these three areas: Fulfilling an intense desire; meeting a pressing need or solving a severe problem.

Which of these three areas does your sales copy address? Think about it. These are THE basic reasons people buy. Even impulse buyers fit into on of these three scenarios. Zero in on the one that is appropriate for your offer and create a compelling case around it and you will markedly improve the results of your promotional efforts.

Unless you are doing this, your copy will be "flat" and you'll definitely not enjoy the best possible result from your efforts. In fact, to go a step farther, If you can't make the case for one of these three areas despite your best efforts, then perhaps you need to think about recasting your entire offering. If it doesn't fit one of the three, then there is probably not much demand for it. Then you are better off to fix it, change it, or discard it and start over. It is the only way you are going to reach the prospect on an emotional level. You'll still have to communicate your message with the words and images that will best accomplish that, but you won't be depending on words alone!

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