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Wow! -- How to Make that Great First Impression
by Kimberley Roberts

Here’s the top 10 tips to generate that "Wow" reaction we all love to hear. By focusing on these 10 tips, you can make it happen!

1. Face - Your most expressive asset. The sparkle in your eyes and radiance of your smile will instantly send an introduction of who you are.

2. Hair – Frames your face. The color and style needs to flatter your face and balance your body.

3. Make-up – Colors that make you look your best. Choose eye shadows that accent the color of your eyes; blush and lipstick colors that coordinate and give you an attractive glow.

4. Clothing – Appropriate for the occasion, in a color and style that flatters you. Also, fit is important.

5. Jewelry and accessories – Opportunity to accent your best feature. Gives your outfit a finished look.

6. Shoes and purse – Functional and critical to complete your look. Shoes impact your posture and walk. Practice walking in new heels if they’re higher than you normally wear.

7. Posture –Signals your confidence. Think of your body being held up by a string attached to the top of your head and your feet just brushing the floor.

8. Walk –Your stride and pace reflect your demeanor. For a social first impression, you want your normal stride at a relaxed pace. Another reason to test out new shoes.

9. Voice – A pleasant tone of voice and clearly spoken words add credibility and warmth when you speak.

10. Handshake – When you greet him, extend your hand keeping your eyes on his face. Be sure your nails are well manicured.

Identify your strengths; example - ballerinas have great posture. Then determine which tips target skills you need to improve. Spend time developing these areas until they become second nature. The return on your investment will be a lifetime of rewards. Maybe selecting flattering colors for make-up and clothing is not your strength. Once you learn, and train your eye to identify these colors, you’ll always look your best.

Manage your wardrobe. Do you have accessories and shoes for new clothing purchases, as well as existing outfits? Are you keeping your clothes clean and mended, and shoes polished?

Your first impression can only be made once. By working on the details, you’ll have the composure to become a “Wow”.

If you were going to act in a play, you’d expect to rehearse before opening night. You have the same opportunity to rehearse for a first impression. Put on different outfits, including shoes and make-up; then stand, sit and walk around the room. Check your posture and your tone of voice. Practice until you become confident and comfortable.

If you’ve a pre-planned meeting, your rehearsal can become very specific. Put on the exact outfit you’ll wear, walk around your room, and carry on an imaginary conversation with the person you’ll be meeting. If possible, you may even decide to go to the meeting’s location to become familiar with that environment.

Now when opportunities occur, your “Wow” impression will be second nature.

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