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The Top 10 Strategies for Becoming the Leader That Others Want to Follow
By Bea Fields

One of the most important qualities of a great leader for the future will be his or her ability to get along with people, to show compassion, and to make others feel good about themselves. This top ten will support you in becoming a great leader that others want to follow.

1. Ask each employee what he/she most values, and begin to set company goals to support these important aspects of the lives of your employees.

2. Help people reach their full potential by catching them doing something great!

Compliment them on their successes, even if they are minute.

3. Distribute a monthly company newsletter, whose sole purpose is to recognize and congratulate the "wins and wows" of your employees.

People love to be recognized for their accomplishments, and this will instill a sense of pride in your employees.

4. Host one fun day each month.

Take employees to lunch, to a matinee, or host a party outside of the office. This one day off will rejuvenate your employees and build loyalty to the organization.

5. Build consensus by allowing employees to vote on changes within the company.

Your job will be much easier if you have the support of the people on the front line.

6. Deal with conflict by being upfront and honest.

Own up to your role in the conflict and move toward resolution as quickly as possible. If you have been wrong, state it, followed by an extension of an apology.

7. Eliminate company gossip from your life, and keep all employee concerns confidential.

If you need support for company gossip, hire a coach who has a reputation of being trustworthy.

8. Trust your employees to make smart decisions without your interference.

Self-esteem is built by allowing others the opportunity to try new things and to be successful by adding their personal touch to a project or assignment.

9. Provide work that is meaningful and that allows your employees and/or volunteers the opportunity to stretch and grow, and above all, provide the training necessary for implementing a change.

10. Cheer the company on by announcing on a daily basis the successes of the previous day.

This surge of energy early in the morning will increase productivity throughout the day.

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Bea Fields is a Business Coach, Consultant, Trainer, and Public Speaker. Her area of expertise is that of Leadership Development for Executives, Managers, Small Business Owners, and Political Leaders.

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