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Success Doesn't Happen Overnight
by Denise Hall

Weíve all heard that old saying, right? Of course, we have. And itís so true!

Nothing we try to accomplish in our lives will bring us to our ultimate goals overnight. Everything takes time. Was Rome built in a day? I donít think so.

Why, then, do people think theyíll become rich in a few days, a week or a month if they run an internet business?

Good question. Maybe itís because thereís so much hype out there. It sounds good to say ďjust sign up 20 people and the money will flow in!Ē

Yes, actually, that does sound good. But no one tells you the hard part is signing up those 20 people. I'm not saying it can't be done. I just mean it takes time and effort on your part.

How many of us have fallen for the ďget rich quickĒ promises? Probably most of us. Online and offline, there are plenty of scams and hype. Itís easy to get caught up in the presentation of the program and think that it will work fast. Unfortunately, when it doesnít work out immediately, a lot of people give up and feel like failures.

Working at any business takes time and effort. I used to sell cosmetics door to door for a great company. Iím sure all of you know the one Iím talking about. Thereís no doubt the products sell themselves. But I still didnít have a large client base or hundreds of sales overnight.

Why? Because customers want to know youíre reliable. They need to see you at their door with the new brochure every other week. Eventually they will place a small order to see if you deliver it when promised. Once you gain their confidence they will order more as time goes on. One by one they start to place orders and your customer base grows.

The same holds true for internet businesses. Everyday I receive several e-mails offering this or that from someone Iíve never heard of. I delete them. Iím not going to buy from someone who sends me a one-time e-mail when I didnít request the information in the first place.

A good business person follows up with his/her customers. If you donít have an autoresponder, get one. There are free autoresponder services available at:

Customer follow-up is one of the biggest keys to a successful business, online and offline. Your customers need to know you are there to answer questions about your product and to help them if they have any problems with it.

Internet businesses are a great way to earn money from home. You can set your own hours and take a day off when you wish. But, as with any other business, you do need to work at it. Whether you work to build a downline or simply advertise your products to gain sales, you have to work.

Nothing in life is free. There is no such thing as ďget rich quick.Ē Success doesnít happen overnight. But if you really want to succeed it will happen. Be patient and never give up on your dreams!

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