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Showing Up
Ed Hirsch

Much can be said for "reaping what you sow."

Preparation is hard work. It requires undying effort when change is desired in your life. I, myself, personally, become both mentally and emotionally exhausted just thinking about what it will take for me to actually live the life of my dreams.

Now ... I can give up (it's easier), or I can go for it. You might have read some of my previously written articles in the past and you KNOW which way I go.

My mind works 7 days each week as I meditate on how badly I want this dream and how serious I am in personal thought on a continual basis. I am obsessed with this better future for myself and for those I have chosen to share it with.

I realize that each day of my life I must recreate myself and do better than the day before. How I do this is mostly inside my heart, healing hurt, building emotional strength and mental toughness ... without straying off course of the person (human) I aspire to ultimately become before it is my time to die.

One of the best recommendations for personal and professional success is simply to be available for it. Show Up! Cut out the time each day, schedule it if you like, into you daily planner.

First, fall in love with your dream. If you love it, you will do whatever it takes to achieve it, as you would with a significant other. Then *show up* each day to prepare to make it happen.

Many people want to go for it and complain that they run out of time at the end of the day. Solution: Go to sleep earlier, wake up earlier or vice versa, to squeeze all the necessary activity in. You don't need to make yourself crazy rushing all day. It is better to just *show up* earlier and schedule the proper amount of time each day for that specific task to continually chip away until completion.

My wish for you, dear friend, is for each day to begin from a newly planted seed. Continual growth is your command to reach upward, toward the bright sun, stretching out your branches (wings) for the most heightened levels to soar from.

Ed Hirsch: Phone: 650-872-1024

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