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Seize The Day: Learn How With... Cat Food and The Man On The Moon

How to seize this day - and all the days that follow - with five success ingredients.

By Brett Krkosska

I stumbled upon a realization about success the other day. I was on my way to the grocery store when it hit me. My realization began with our cat, Maggie, who was a little put out. It seems the shiny bottom of her food dish kept showing her reflection. She hates that.

Maggie is not shy about letting us humans know what's important. She makes it clear that we are NOT a cat owner. She is a people owner. So I grabbed my jacket and jumped in the car for a cat food run.

You may wonder what going to the store for cat food has to do with success. The ingredients in cat food seem a little far removed from the ingredients for success. I agree. However, it's the process that intrigued me.

As I was driving along, it occurred to me that getting cat food was no different than any other endeavor that meets with success. I fully expected to successfully return with the cat food. And sure enough I did.

When I was 10 years old and wanted a set of drums, I fully expected to get them. One way or another. And I did.

When I decided to reach the position of Operations Manager with my old employer, I fully expected to get there. Despite sacrifice and setbacks, I did.

When the United States decided to put a man on the moon...

So you see, it doesn't matter if you're going for cat food or going to the moon, the ingredients to be successful in any endeavor are the same. The only difference is in the degree of execution.

1. Success is about active participation.

Success is not about work. I dislike the word work. "Active participation" sounds much more pleasant, don't you think? Successful people actively participate in the journey. They love what they do, therefore it is not work. How much you do is irrelevant and how long it takes is irrelevant. There is no room for the traditional definition of "work" when you are immersed in the journey towards success.

Cat Note: It has become apparent that Maggie will not "actively participate" as an attack cat if burglars break in, but she will snare an errant bug once in a while. Therefore, just knowing a nutritious meal will keep her skills sharp is worthy of my participation in keeping her fed.

2. Success is about being smart.

Being immersed in your success gives you a "third eye" on opportunities, a smartness if you will, that makes the road to success shorter. I've always felt that the key to succeeding in any endeavor is not really HOW MUCH you do, but HOW SMART you do it. By focusing on your eventual success, you discover smartness.

Being smart lets you cut to the chase. It's about seeing opportunities and opening doors that others miss. It's about using a safety pin when the key is not under the doormat. It's about taking risks. It's about not taking unnecessary risks. It's almost an intuitive sense of "knowing." Being immersed in the journey reveals shortcuts that might otherwise be missed.

Cat Note: I wasn't out to buy any ol' cat food. Maggie has certain likes and dislikes. She wants taste. I want savings. I took a coupon. Pretty smart, huh?

3. Desire overcomes obstacles to success.

Plain and simple. Desire makes molehills out of mountains. Desire initiates creativity and is a force that knows no boundaries or limitations. No matter what stands in the way, it is moveable.

Cat Note: You know how those lines can be at the checkout? I desire nothing more than to avoid reading the tabloid headlines while waiting in line with my cat food. Solution: Bring your 10-year-old and have him hold a place in line while you get the cat food. Bribe him with candy. Obstacle overcome.

4. Passion energizes success.

Passion resides at the center of desire. Success is about having a desire fired by passion. Being truly passionate makes success more brilliant and inspired. The willingness to move forward without regret is a function of passion. To paraphrase Napoleon Hill from his book, "Think And Grow Rich," you must burn all your bridges. There is no turning back when passion is in the driver's seat.

Cat Note: Remember when I said these ingredients apply to any endeavor that meets with success? Even if the endeavor is getting cat food? Scratch that. Being passionate about cat food is ludicrous.

5. Believe in yourself.

Your success is not a question of IF, but rather WHEN. Never doubt that each step is the right step towards success. Any failures along the way are merely lessons for success at a higher rung on the success ladder.

So begin climbing the ladder without hesitation. Whatever happens along the way is exactly as it should be. Every step is the right step, even if not readily apparent. Believe in yourself. Believe in your path.

In conclusion, it should be apparent that success is not biased. The principles that govern success do not care what you want to be successful in. Success freely visits all who call on her, no matter the size of the task. Think back to a time when you really wanted something and got it. Did you embody any of these success ingredients?

Now ask yourself what you want to accomplish and take that first step. Any step. If you want some practice, you can always run to the store for some cat food!

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