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The Second Step To Overcoming The Barrier To Success
By Scott Aughtmon

Fear is THE major barrier to success. A lot of people are being held back from succeeding online, because they're afraid!

They're afraid of FAILURE, afraid of REJECTION, and afraid of the UNKNOWN!

Intense desire is the enemy of fear.

The first way to conquer fear is by having a strong desire to do what you're afraid of. If you want to overcome the major barrier to success (fear) then your first step is that you've got to get MORE FED UP than AFRAID!

*You've got to have strong desire to succeed online if you are going to conquer THE major barrier to success!


Are you ready for the SECOND STEP to overcoming the barrier to success?

*You've got in believe what you're doing so much that you're more afraid NOT to do it, then to do it!

You've got to believe that what you're wanting to do is worth doing and that it will accomplish what you want!

In the book, "The Power Of Focus" by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, and Les Hewitt, they say, "To overcome fear you must have faith in the outcome."

If you want a good example of how belief helped someone to succeed, then I have a great story for you...

The Invention Of Vaseline

It the late 19th century there was a young chemist named Robert Chesebrough who sold kerosene.

He got his kerosene from the oil of sperm whales, but by 1859 he was put out of business.

In 1859, Robert Chesebrough took off for a Pennsyslvania oil field to "strike it rich." What he came back with made him rich beyond his wildest dreams.

But he didn't become rich from oil!

Oil field workers had told him about this "sticky stuff" that stuck to the drilling rigs. The riggers hated this stuff - it caused the drilling rigs to seize up.

For all the problems this substance caused, the riggers found one small use - when rubbed on a cut or bruise it helped it to heal faster.

He bottled the stuff up and dragged it back to his Brooklyn laboratory.

He began a search to duplicate the petroleum-based lubricant, and by trial and error, followed he was able to extract the key ingredient - the translucent material we now know as petroleum jelly.

But it had to be tested, and tested it was.

He needed a guinea pig to test it out on. But who could he use?

Chesebrough cut his OWN hands and arms, burned himself with flames and acids and each time he would then covered them with his new gel.

ALL the self-inflicted wounds responded to his petroleum jelly and were healed!

Satisfied that his new grease had healing properties, he took to the road with his own medicine show, but first he named his gel.

Using the German word for water (wasser) and the Greek word for oil (elaion) he came up with "Vaseline."

He took it out on the road and would demonstrate it by cutting or burning himself and then applying his vasleine. He also showed his audience the healed scars from past experiments.

Amazingly this worked.

Soon he was selling a jar a minute, and when these ran out people begged their druggists to order more from Chesebrough. It was used for everything: chest colds, chapped hands, nasal congestion, and even to remove stains from furniture.

By the turn of the twenty century it had penetrated the American market and was entering Europe, and Chesebrough had become a very rich man!

Although its miracle properties were eventually debunked, Chesebrough himself was always a true believer.

He lived to age 96, revealing shortly before he died the secret to his longevity: *Every day of his life he ate a spoonful of vaseline!

(* Not recommended! DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME! :)

Cheesbrough succeed because he believed so much in his product/idea that he refused to give up!

Do YOU want to succeed? Do you want to overcome fear -- the major barrier to success? If you do, then you've got to believe in your product or idea so much that you let nothing stop you!

"Put one foot in front of the other." Start taking your two steps towards success today!

Step 1: Get MORE FED UP than AFRAID and take action towards your goals!

Step 2: Believe in what you're doing so much that you're MORE afraid NOT to do it, then to DO it!

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Copyright 2003 Scott Aughtmon

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