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8 Step Basic Goal Achievement Theory
by Gordon Bryan

Over the years, I have had many people say to me that although I keep harping on about the magical power of goal achievement theory, they donít know quite what it is Iím referring to.

Although they can see the results it has brought for me, and the sense of well being that goes along with it, I havenít explained the theory to them in a way that they can easily sum up.

I think this is because it is so ingrained in me, that I assume everyone understands it. Thatís a mistake on my part, so here goes, the 8-part theory of goal achievement.

1. Define your goal. It may be a new car, house, a certain amount of money, a job, whatever. Define it as precisely as possible.

2. Visualize. You need to visualize the goal coming true. Picture yourself after the goal has come true.

3. Write the goals down. Write the goals on a little card, and look at it often throughout the day, certainly morning and night, preferably repeating them out loud.

4. Believe it will happen. If you doubt you goals, they wonít happen, because you are admitting defeat. You also need to believe that you are worthy of the goal.

5. Gain the knowledge. Find out what other people did to achieve the same goal. It is highly unlikely that you are the first. There will be many different routes, and the knowledge is there.

6. Work out a plan. Look at where you are now, look at where you want to be, and work backwards, step by step, until you can see what the first step is, that you need to take to get to your goal.

7. Take the first step. This is often the hardest of all the steps, but can be the most powerful, unleashing amazing energies, both within you, and around you.

8. Keep going. Once the initial enthusiasm wears off, once the going gets tough, keep going! No-one said it was easy! This is where you find out if you are really prepared to pay the price or not.

Thatís it! Simple. Eh? No, of course not, but the theory *is* simple, yes.

All the steps need to be followed, you canít miss any of them, but if you follow them, believe me, the world is your oyster!

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