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Fake It 'Til You Make It? If that’s your strategy for success, we NEED to talk!
By Nina! East

How many times have you had people tell you to just “fake it ‘til you make it”, or “act as if”? One? Ten? A hundred times? Well-meaning friends, family, and business coaches have been doling out this advice for ages. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve heard it. And, being the good client that I am, I followed their advice. I “acted as if” and “faked it” for years. Here’s the question you need to ask yourself: How’s that working for you?

Have your dreams come true? Probably not - at least not to the level you would like. Here’s why: When you’re faking it, you KNOW you’re faking it. And your constant awareness of “acting” or being “fake” actually takes you out of the energy and momentum of making the changes you need to make. You are being constantly reminded that you haven’t made it yet. That’s just the way the brain works.

I realized that the more I “acted as if”, the more I felt like an imposter. The more I felt like an imposter, the less I was able to produce the results I wanted.

What’s the solution? Become a creature of habit. Humans are naturally creatures of habits. Behaviorists estimate that 90-95% of everything we do is actually habit – from the way we put on our shoes, to brushing our teeth (or not!), to the way we think about things and the attitude we have about them.

I realized that the difference between successful people and me wasn’t my desire for success. I had plenty of that. The real difference was our habits – what we did habitually every day to move us toward or away from our dreams. When I was honest with myself, I saw the habits I had been using had led me to exactly where I was at the time. When I made the shift to developing the habits of success, everything shifted. Everything – business, relationships, health, you name it.

Think about your habits. What are your success habits – the habits that move you toward success? What habits do you have that hold you back? (Notice how you answered these questions…Are you responding in the same old way? Not taking the time to respond? However you are responding to the act of answering these questions is just a habit.) Take this opportunity to be honest with yourself and look at your habits. The key to success is making your habits work FOR you rather than against you. When your habits work for you, everything is more effortless – your attitudes, beliefs, and actions are all lined up together. For you to have the success you want – the effortless success you want – What would you have to think about habitually? What would you have to do habitually? What would you have to believe habitually? What would you have to focus on habitually? What sort of attitude would you have to have habitually?

When you develop the habits of success, you don’t have to fake it or act as if anymore. Your habits will naturally, quickly, and effortlessly move you in the direction of your dreams. No faking.

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Nina East is the Follow-Through Coach, corporate consultant, and published author. She is a Senior Trainer at the Graduate School of Coaching. You can read more about her programs, publications, and teleclass offerings at

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