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Expect to Succeed!
By Teresa King

Lately, I have been meeting people who are working hard and trying their very best and they are not making any money online. And, I started thinking, what is it that makes one person successful and another one not successful?

It is the attitude of self-worth. We get what we want out of life by believing that we deserve to succeed. Your idea of what success is, could easily be different than mine.

Some would like notoriety, others wealth, some health. Some want it all, and amazingly get it!

To begin with, you have to start with throwing away past failures, past nasty things that have been said to you, and past labels. Growing up for most people is hard. You learn from your past, each of us has had pain thrown at us by inconsiderate others. Or, by well meaning others, who didn't know better.

Words, like you are worthless, you are lazy, you are the family trouble maker, you are the slow one, you are the one that will never make it, echo in our minds and give us self-doubt.

So throw those away. They are worthless. I mean it! Discard it and consider the source of that pain. Make new labels for yourself. You are worthy, you deserve success, you are a winner, and you are good. Go on revamp those thoughts.

Your own attitude can make you or break you. For instance people who do not have high self-esteem, will often not even know how to get paid for their labor. Here is a tip:

"How will you be paying for this, check or credit card?"

People who are struggling financially forget that many others are not. So when pricing what you have to sell, think about what it is worth, not about the price.

When people want something, they will buy it, or write to you and ask for a bargain, but they will manage. If you want to help someone that is struggling, by all means, help them. But, remember, that in order to be able to spread that helpline, you need to think of yourself first.

Drop all negativity and self-doubt, and quit blaming others for things that stop you from your goals. You are the goal maker. You are the one that can say, "HEY my past is over... My new self is my responsibility. I can learn from the bad breaks in life, and push forward. No one can stop me from my goals."

Think successful. Go on, is your car dirty? Clean it! Never mind that it may be old. A bar of soap is very important. Successful people look successful, and many started with nothing except the very will to succeed and knowing they deserved success.

Is your front lawn ready for success? Picture yourself in that new car you want. Picture yourself in that home you want. Don't be shy. Dream the dream, and then tell yourself you deserve that dream and go out and get it! 

Copyright 2001

Teresa King is the owner of and highly recommends reading positive ebooks that build your self esteem.

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