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Achieving Success
By John Watson

What does success mean to you? Some people equate success with amassing huge sums of money while others measure success by achieving simple goals they have set for their lives. So, what goals have you set for your life? Have you achieved those goals, and if not, do you have a time frame set up in which time you intend to reach those goals?

Those goals do not have to be anything drastic. Setting simple, achievable goals is similar to building a stairway to your ultimate life's goal.. Each time you reach a new goal, you reach a new plateau on your way to fulfilling your life's dream, and each new goal you reach gives you an incentive to set new goals.

Let me give an example of what I mean in achieving your small goals in life. A few years after I got out of school a buddy of mine, whom I had gone to school with, came to work at nights at the store where I was working. He was moonlighting from his main job. One night we were taking a break together and the conversation got around to cars.

"Do you remember the old song 'Hot Rod Lincoln' that they played so much at the roller rink when we were freshmen?" he asked.

"Sure," I replied. "I think they wore out two or three of those records that year."

"Well, after hearing that song so much I made up my mind that I was going to be driving a Lincoln myself someday, and last year I finally got my Lincoln."

It didn't matter to him that the car was five years old. He had finally gotten his dream car. So reach out and see how many of those little dreams you can fulfill. Maybe it's getting that dream car you've always wanted, as my buddy did, or maybe taking that dream vacation to the Bahamas. Whatever it is, go ahead and do it, and then dream some bigger dreams and see how long it takes to fulfill them.

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