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6 Things to Take for a Great Life
By Jim Allen

Most of us were raised to be good boys and girls, instructed to "ask politely" for the things we want. But life is tougher than that and sometimes requires that we take the things we need. So, here you go, the six things you need to take for a great life...

1. Take Responsibility

Your life is all up to you! The sooner you believe and accept that, the better. Stop leaving important decisions up to others. Stop trying to blame others for what goes wrong (or what doesn't go at all). Take responsibility for your life and you take the first steps to really enjoying the rest of it!

2. Take a Leap!

Almost everyone spends too much time thinking about the past and how things they did "way back when" may affect things they want to do today.

No one can predict the future. The past is past. The future is out there. But right now, stop worrying about every little thing and take a leap of faith! Do the things you really want to do. Take a chance that your dreams aren't just dreams. Take a chance on yourself. Life rewards those who act, so act!

3. Take a Stand

Remember: you are the spokesperson for your life! Stop waffling. Make a decision (you know you want to). Most of the time you'll be right, and those few times that you're wrong will be the points when you learn the most.

Draw a line. Share your opinions. Speak up!

4. Take Your Time

Not everything has to be done today. This hour. This minute. RIGHT NOW!

Just because none of us knows how much time we have doesn't mean we should rush, rush, rush through our days on a senseless quest of quantity over quality.

Slow down.

After all, you can't smell the flowers if you can't see 'em.

5. Take Stock

When things go wrong it's oh-so-easy to compile a list of problems and complaints that we're dealing with. What we need to do is take a look at all of the positive things that we have in our lives and available to us.

Each of us has more than we think we have, only because we haven't thought that much about it.

So think about it.

6. Take a Bow

We spend great quantities of time trying accomplish so much -- and so little time appreciating what we've done.

Take credit for your accomplishments. Be proud of what you've achieved.

Success is a good thing!

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