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The 3 Paradigms of Success
By Rose Hill

A paradigm, according to the Oxford American Dictionary, is "something serving as an example or model of how things should be done." Here are the 3 paradigms of the successful professional service provider.

1. Opportunities are created.

I won't get the chance to do what I love unless I generate the opportunity to do so. I am the most important resource in my business. I am limited only by my own time, energy, creativity, know-how, and willingness to do what it takes. No one owes me anything; no one is going to rescue me. I must experiment to find ways to create the opportunities I want. And then I must capitalize on them. I will say "Yes!" to every desirable opportunity I generate, no matter how small or large! The most powerful way I generate opportunity is by asking each Ideal Client "How can I help you?"

2. Power comes from personal charisma.

The only power I have to get people to take my phone calls, answer my letters, agree to meet with me, or offer me work is based on what I command from the power of my personality. My personal power comes from believing in my business, believing in myself, my integrity, my talent, my enthusiasm, and my driving passion to make a difference. I continually raise the bar on my standards, services, and clientele. I'm willing to feel uncomfortable not knowing exactly what lies ahead because I trust in my abilities to handle what comes my way.

3. Money is made only by spending it.

My business cannot succeed by becoming obsolete or invisible. I must invest in upgrading my skills, my expertise, my technology, my business image, and my marketing on a regular basis. Without the appropriate reinvestment in my business, it will die. Because I'm in this for the long haul, my pricing strategy and budget accounts for these regular reinvestments.

What paradigms are operating in your business? Where are they causing you difficulties in running your business successfully? Ferret out any incomplete, inappropriate, and out-moded paradigms and replace them with these success paradigms.

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Rose Hill is a Certified Business Coach who works exclusively with independent professionals who desire to create a solid foundation for their continued business success. I do this by means of a comprehensive 4-pronged, 6-month High-Impact Business-Building program. Rose can be reached at (503) 629-4804 or via e-mail to

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