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The Magic of the Mind in Life and Business
by Derek Ayre Acc Hyp. MNCH (UK)

Did you know you could use the power of your subconscious mind to help improve your business? Do you believe in magic? I don't mean the type of magic that make things disappear into thin air, make things float around in the air unaided, or appear out of nowhere. I'm talking about the magic of the subconscious mind of which it is claimed, a genius uses only 12%.

So is it possible to tap into the remaining 88%? I would say it is possible to tap into a considerable degree of it by using the discipline of self hypnosis. But first lets look at what hypnosis is and is not.

Self-hypnosis is not... Losing consciousness, floating around on cloud nine, brain washing, dangerous, occult, paranormal, spirituality and so on.

Self-hypnosis is.... A method of disciplined mental focus where mind, body and spirit become coordinated. First the divisions between conscious and subconscious fade and the mind comes more together - as one. And when the practice continues, both subconscious and conscious mind starts to integrate with self or spirit. It is an altered state of consciousness that can be used by anyone who is willing to commit to daily practice. In fact, from this description, it can be seen that hypnosis is a higher state of awareness, rather than a lower one as in natural sleep where the subconscious rules over the analytical consciousness.

Self hypnosis can be used to help people stop smoking, lose/gain weight, stop unwanted habits. It can also help to improve mental alertness and this makes it invaluable in business life. (Particularly where one works at home alone, subjected to all manner of possible negative thoughts from early conditioning.)

Self hypnosis is beneficial because when you focus on say, a business goal in a state of self hypnosis, you first create a desire that penetrates the subconscious mind, and then you enhance your awareness in day to day life which causes you to see opportunities where you didn't see them before. This gives you the chance to act on the opportunities. Using regular self hypnosis is much more powerful than mere positive thinking techniques because, with self hypnosis, you are getting into closer contact with your subconscious mind than you are when you just blindly repeat your goals using a phrased affirmation - which tends to get filtered out by skepticism. Skepticism doesn't effect self-hypnotic images so easily. Many clients who have come to my practice for hypnosis (to quit smoking for instance) have been extremely skeptical that anything had happened during their visit, only to telephone me later pleasantly amazed that they quit so easily. They have uttered phrases like, "But I could hear every word you said. I didn't go 'under'. How come I'm not even thinking about smoking?".

It is because I have stimulated the subconscious mind by getting them to focus on the joints and muscles through the body, one by one.. (I'm am not trying to relax them - as this could quite easily cause more stress in someone and make it more difficult). Then I ask them to visualize what is wanted and needed in their lives. Finally they commit to doing what is necessary to get what they want. The subconscious mind is then 'tuned in' to their needs and acts as a powerful guidance system.

What can be done in my office, can also be done on one's own. Maybe not so quickly, but it can be done with a little practice and perseverance on a daily basis. To do it, simply make yourself comfortable, focus on each joint and muscle for a count of 10 through the body - start at the top of the head and work down, or at the feet and work up - it doesn't matter which.. This should take around 20 minutes - when you finished doing that, visualize the way you want things to be in your life. Then whatever you subconscious mind brings to your consciousness relating to your goals and aspirations, act on it. Within reason of course!

Just one last word. It has been found that whenever someone with a goal or business plan has pursued it with a view to helping others succeed also, he/she has been more effective and gained greater satisfaction. This is because self hypnosis also involves a spiritual aspect and the spirit grows and develops through acts of selflessness.

This article is not meant to be pychotherapeutic in nature and should not be treated as such. If you feel you need help, you are advised to contact a competent therapist.

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Derek Ayre is a psychotherapist & hypnotherapist (est 1976) and has helped many people, realize their goals and improve the quality of their life, face to face, in groups and on-line. He is also a Zen practitioner.

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