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Five Ways To Make Good Decisions In Life And Business
by Iris J Chapman

If you know how to make good decisions then you can write your life. You have accomplished a great deal more than a person who knows how to write books. Have you been able to bend yourself to your own will? If you have than you have done more than the man who has ruled empires and nations.

Getting control of yourself is probably the biggest challenge you will ever have. It takes making the decision to do so on a consistent basis. So, just how do you learn to make good decisions?


First, consider the consequences of your actions. Let long term goals overshadow the thrill of short-term benefits. Write down on a piece of paper both the short-term and long- term benefits and the short-term and long-term consequences of any action.


Take the necessary time you need to think a decision out to its conclusion. This does not mean procrastinate. That will put you in danger of not controlling your life and/or your business. You will not be able to steer either to the desired outcome.


It is good to learn from people who are experts in the area that you are trying to make a decision in. Ask about the benefits and drawbacks that they have experienced. It is important to keep in mind that although others may give advice it is still your task to make a final decision and you must bear the responsibility of it.


Let your conscience be your guide. Of course, not all consciences are created equal. Embark on a course of conscience training. From great people great things are expected. If you are looking to live an abundantly happy life you must pattern your decisions in alignment with the great basic principles such as love for your fellow man, honesty, kindness, chasteness and having a giving spirit.

Consider Others 

Many decisions we make affect others. Avoid deliberately making decisions that are going to negatively affect your relationship with your family or friends. Of course, if someone is trying to lead you down an unwise path you would have to separate yourself from that bad course and in this way your relationship may be damaged with that person. But, better it is damaged with them than going against what you know to be right and damaging the relationship you have with yourself.

Making good decisions in life and in business gets better with practice. Start today to deliberately make well thought out decisions.

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