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A Secret Motivational Weapon for Managers & Supervisors
By Mike Burstein

Any discussion among managers and supervisors about motivating their employees inevitably revolves around pay, hours and benefits. Obviously these are key elements in attracting and retaining qualified employees but skilled managers and supervisors know of another strategic weapon in today's highly competitive market that costs nothing but pays huge dividends.

Praise and recognition can result in employee job satisfaction far surpassing any costly benefit. Recognizing the achievements of your employees leads to the ultimate in job fulfillment and promotes powerful respect from subordinates. The ability to bestow recognition upon deserving employees sounds simple enough but too many supervisors neglect to utilize this potent weapon.

Why would a competent manager or supervisor fail to utilize this seemingly failsafe motivational tool? Too many times, the supervisor or manager may actually feel threatened by recognition given to his or her subordinates.

Instead of realizing that outstanding performance by their employee is an indication of their superior leadership skills, too many managers or supervisors will attempt to hog all of the credit for themselves. Conversely, when things go awry, they are quick to place the blame on their subordinates.

The best managers and supervisors dole out praise anytime it is appropriate. By recognizing the contributions of their employees, they foster a spirit of teamwork that is the hallmark of successful companies. Additionally, when employees feel that they are an appreciated and integral part of the workforce, it is unlikely that they will be searching for a better position.

An added bonus of this weapon is the work force loyalty created by honest praise and recognition. By acknowledging the praiseworthy contributions of subordinates, confident and mature managers and supervisors ensure their own continued success.

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