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You Can Succeed Working at Home
Don't Let The Experts Tell You Otherwise!
By Donna Sweat

Many entrepreneurs do not know that many of us ACTUALLY work from our homes. Regardless of what the experts say, money can be made at home and what they do not realize is that we work just as hard, if not harder, than those that work outside the home. How is this possible? I speak for all those hard working individuals that sit at their computers for long hours.

A Sure thing, we can take a break when we want to and for as long as needed. I also vacuum, wash laundry and dishes, make beds, feed the pets, and make meals and do the shopping as well. I have learned to deal with interruptions many times over. My computer stays connected to the Internet for a solid straight twelve hours. It is ready when I am.

My day also begins early and ends late. But I can attend to my family's needs much better at home, then going to work outside and rushing around at the end of my work day. Family members appreciate me being there for them.

I am the sole manager of my business and I also believe in doing much of my own work, and I do ask for help from fellow entrepreneurs when needed. It is nothing to be ashamed of, it is a part of the learning process in all of us. As Kevin mentioned, people would much rather contact the individual who runs the show, than an answering machine or someone else.

Being your own boss definitely has its rewards and again there are days you would rather not get out of bed or give up. But I know in my heart, someday I will feel better about myself as I learn from my mistakes and establish my business. Even some back woods resident can establish a work at home business these days. If you even have a hint of an idea of working at home, do some research on the type of business you want to try and give it a whirl. You never know what you can accomplish, if you do not try!

Donna Sweat is the publisher/editor of Dee's Helpful Info. Newsletter and Endless Mts Home Business. "Providing Services for Success Backed by Experience";

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