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Dynamics Of A PROACTIVE Business
by Livvie Matthews

Do you find yourself being Reactive to whatever comes along, whenever it comes? Never quite knowing what to expect or what your response would be when something out of the ordinary happens? Or are you Proactive and have tried to anticipated what's needed BEFORE it's needed?

Proactive vs. Reactive makes all the difference when it comes to your business and as an added benefit, it greatly reduces frustrations!

Being PROACTIVE involves nine specific areas:

P PERSISTENCE Persistence is the key to success on the Internet! Sticking with it almost to the point of being stubborn. You keep at it. If it doesn't work the first time, you don't quit, you try it again and again.

It may need to be rearranged, tried a different way, "tweaked" a little or revised, but the point keep trying, you keep working it. Be persistent!

R RELATIONSHIPS Trust is the basis for any lasting relationship. Get to know who your customers are. Listen and understand their perceived needs and wants. Use their names often, pick up conversations where they left off. Interact with your customer.

Your customer may not be able to explain the in-'s and out's of your product or how it is made, but, your customer knows how he/she was treated and what type of experience they had while visiting your site or ordering your product. Build relationships!

O OPPORTUNITIES New services, options and availability can create tremendous opportunities for revenue and profit from existing (as well as new) customers. Seek to provide so many services and benefits that your customers choose to keep returning.

Every customer is an opportunity looking for a place to happen. Look for opportunities!

A ACCOUNTABILITY Any contact with a customer, e-mail, web site, ezine or orders reflects, and is held accountable in some way for, customer satisfaction. It’s all about service! Your absolutely outstanding service! Be accountable!

C CONSISTENCY You must be consistent with customers at each contact. Relationships are building with each visitor each time contact is made. The worst impression you can make is to meet your customers needs and expectations on one visit and then fall short during subsequent visits. Customers need to know what they can expect. Be consistent!

T TENACITY Along with persistence comes tenacity. Holding firm and strong. Stay focused. Create a daily, weekly and monthly schedule and stick to it. Set your goals and stick to them. Develop your policies and procedures and stick to them. Be tenacious! I IDENTIFY 20% of your customers are providing 80% of your profits! Identify your customers who are in this 20% category to find the “core” of your business. What can be done for the other 80%? Identify your customers!

V VALUE Your services must be perceived with value by your customer. Value = Quality and the customer defines “Quality”. The "quality" appearance of your web site. "Quality" of customer interaction. "Quality" of your service. Market the value of your service!

E ENTHUSIASM Enthusiasm is exciting and contagious! Customers can distinguish your enthusiasm, or the lack of it, over the telephone, in your e-mail or in person within seconds. It is crucial the atmosphere of the business, whether over the telephone, e-mail, ezine, online or offline be one of enthusiasm, a love or passion about what you are doing!! Be enthusiastic!

Remember: Every customer-viewer is an Opportunity looking for a place to happen! By being PROACTIVE you will be ready for those....Opportunities!

Livvie Matthews offers a complete line of services ranging from the do-it yourselfers, to consulting and joint venture services, to full writing and production services for people interested in creating information products, niche marketing and building their biz! Check out and Market Your Goldmine!

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