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Is Your Personality Killing Your Business?
By John Watson

The scene is typical. Two people in different areas of the country each start a business. They both have the same qualifications, the same training and each one selects an optimum location.

Within a year one of them is raking in the money hand over fist and the other one has filed for bankruptcy. What happened here? What went so wrong that two people with the same qualifications and an even start could wind up in such different circumstances? It can usually be summed up in one word: Personality!

So, what is personality and can it be defined? Personally, I think there are three traits of character that define a person's personality. They are:

#1. How a person perceives himself. This can also be listed as ego. Are you all wrapped up in yourself to the point of ignoring others, or do you put the welfare of others first?

#2. Your outlook on life in general. Are you always complaining because nothing is going your way, or do you see a setback as a challenge and say, "Here is a chance for me to make improvements!"

#3. How you perceive others. Do you see other people around you as someone you can use to get what you want, or do you see them as fellow travelers, who, while working together, can accomplish more than each individual working separately?

The following list, "The 7 Top Daily Acknowledgements," if practiced daily could change your outlook on life and also the way others see you.

Top 7 Daily Acknowledgements

#1. Acknowledge your maker. Be thankful that you have been given another day to pursue your dreams and the health and energy to do so.

#2. Acknowledge your spouse with a hug, a kiss and a "I love you." The one whom you have promised to love, honor and protect. The one who has been supportive of you in all your endeavors.

#3. Acknowledge your children with a word of encouragement that they may grow up to become strong individuals. They are the ones you have brought forth to carry on after you have completed your race.

#4. Acknowledge your neighbor with a friendly greeting and a kind word. As neighbors, we are here to watch over and protect each other that no harm may come to neither.

#5. Acknowledge your employees/co-workers with a friendly greeting and words of support. They are the ones that keep your business running smoothly.

#6. Acknowledge your suppliers with a thank you for promptness when paying your bill. Without their prompt delivery of supplies your employees could not keep your business running smoothly.

#7. And last, but certainly not least, acknowledge your customers with a friendly greeting and a big "Thank you." They are the ones that pay your bills and without them you would not need the employees or suppliers.

Courtesy and friendliness seem to be the lubricant that makes the cogs of society turn smoothly.

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