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Implement Your Ideas And Insights To Grow Your Business
By Wendy Hearn

Growing your business means doing more and more, and working harder and harder, doesn't it? Well, certainly the "doing" and the "taking actions" are critical elements. Without action being taken, your business will get nowhere fast. There are also times when you need to stop taking action, sit back and do nothing.

I was reminded again of the need to do this recently. Having had a great holiday and lots of time off from my business, I was feeling very relaxed and raring to go. However, on this particular day I felt the need to do even less. To do less was going against my logical thoughts of "You've taken enough time off, it's back to business now", "It would be lazy to do nothing in particular today" and "Just get on with it". These logical thoughts battled for a while with the feeling that I just need to do very little at the moment.

Although the logical thoughts were winning, there was a tiny voice saying 'Trust yourself'. Eventually I gave into this voice and found myself lying on the sofa listening to some light background music. At first I was mulling over some business and personal items, but before long, I'd drifted into thinking about nothing in particular. Once I'd let all my thoughts go and was in a half-awake half-asleep state, the ideas and insights poured out. Wow, it was amazing how many there were and how quickly they were coming. I had some incredible insights into some business items that I'd been pondering for a while, yet was unsure what I needed to do. With the insights and ideas captured in writing, I was jumping up and down with excitement and inspiration. I was feeling so inspired that nothing was going to stop me from taking the necessary actions. It's at this point that such actions really count because these enable you to grow your business dramatically.

Actions taken because you think you've got to work harder and do more will get you somewhere, but it may be quite a slog. Ideas and insights in isolation stay that way and will only exist in your mind if not acted upon. So combine the two; ideas and insights plus inspired actions and you have a very powerful combination. A combination that will make your business race ahead with a lot less struggle on your part.

I've noticed through working with many people that they're either always busy doing lots and lots or they have great insights and ideas, but there often isn't the necessary mix. Whichever way you're inclined to be, I invite you to consider what it would take to add at least some of the other component to get your business moving faster.

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