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Is a Home-Based Business What You Want?
Another Home-Business Viewpoint.
By Donna Sweat

Stepping into year two of a home-based business has my thoughts turned to the revamping of my business web site and business in general. My first thought was where to start? I haven't written an article in some time and maybe this is a good start to get the ball rolling.

Home business issues can be conveniently classified under three categories: financial, personal and situational.

Personal Realities:

Commitment: That's exactly so, either you're into it or you're not. Your business must be top priority over anything. You must dedicate yourself to succeed.

Risk Taker: If you are not ready for a downfall, don't try a home business. It will fail many ways before it succeeds. Secure and stable, it is not for some time to come.

Self-Motivation: You are the number one "Boss". You must do it, like it or not, even the stuff you hate to do. There is no one else there to do it.

Self-Discipline: Distractions? You bet and lots of them! I cannot name the number of them within a span of one hour. Be prepared to stay focused.

Patience: It is a virtue! Believe it. You are not going to make money right away, kudos to Elena! Absolute truth.

Reasons: Want to work from home? Yes....and help with the income? Yes...Buy for your home, children, and spouse? Yes.. Remember your reasons.

Flexibility and Adaptability: Jack of All Trades,  "That's You!" Just like those many household chores you do without thinking. You will learn to do things you never realized, that were associated with working at home.

Willingness to Sacrifice: Long hours on the computer are a must. Can you sacrifice time and can your family live with it?

Work Ethic: Does the need to work exist in you?

Stress Management: It's a lot of weight on your shoulders! Your business relies on you as to whether it will succeed or not. Many thoughts will be on your mind and you must carry these thoughts with you day and night, everywhere you go, in everything you do...always in the back of your mind. Can you deal with it?

Financial Realities:

Cash Reserves: I have little cash reserves and manage to stay afloat. There are times when I have it and times I do not. I need to keep my telephone, Internet Service Provider, and web site paid to date. They are my top priorities and advertising is a must.

Retirement Planning: Definitely a must, IRA's work and so do 401k plans and savings accounts. Examine the possibilities.

Health Insurance: You definitely need to find some coverage. I am covered under my husband's plan for now.

Vacation: No Pay...Yep, that's right! Be prepared before you schedule a vacation. It's Christmas Day and I am writing an article at 3 am.!

Situation Realities:

Hard Work-Long Hours: It must be nice to work at home!.. how many times have I heard that? Too Many! I am sick of home! I still spend on average, eight hours a day on my computer as compared to twelve-fifteen in the beginning. A kind word of warning, take breaks often.. it's tough to move after a few hours at the computer. Health problems will develop if you sit too long. Also remember to get enough sleep, a must!

Interruptions: Plenty of them. Not only from the kids and spouse, but the dogs and cat and phone and door and everything in between. This requires concentration above all...stay focused on whatever it is you are doing.

Distractions: A lot like interruptions .. but last longer usually. I learned to do those household tasks along side the business tasks. This may not work for you. I find it serves as a break in monotony and refreshes your mind. In fact, I do several tasks throughout the day and keep my computer booted.

Isolation and Loneliness: In addition to Elena's ideas, often a trip to a friend's house or a walk may cure the blues. Another tip is to play music in the background as you work.

I will move forward in my business even though my first year was a bit scary at times. I have overcome the scary part and learned to deal with ups and downs, good times and bad, and unsuspected wrong turns. But overall my business has proved to be successful through the first year and "Yes", I did make money. Enough to pay some of my bills, but it was an improvement and that's why I continue to work at home.

Donna Sweat is the Publisher/Editor of Dee's Helpful Info. Newsletter Endless Mts Home Business;

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