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Enjoy your business
By Valerian Dinca

Are you looking to build an income online ?

Then, unless you are here just for reading, you must take action now. You must come out of your sweet sleep and begin looking around. You will not reach any magical results unless you decide to make the wheels going.


This first move is critical; if you do not set a goal to shoot for, you will aim in the wrong direction. Learn this truth about doing business on the web.


A good business plan will help you choose your strategies and map your directions. But, don't remain locked into your plan. Be open to adjust it.


Whether you are working your business full-time or part-time, you need to commit a certain number of hours each week to your business If you have not very clear in your mind what to do, look around for help and inspiration.

Start making contacts. You may end your day and begin a new one by sending e-mails to at least 3 people.
bullet Do not choose people at random, they must run a business close related with your goal.
bullet Do not send only greetings, include at least 2-3 questions about the business they run. It is very easy to ask, but if you are afraid, you may start for the very beginning by asking for more info.
bullet Use your real name, that makes you more responsible.

Make a habit to contact people, communication is one of the key to online success. You will see that they can offer advises in regards to your situation. Some people love to help others. They are more than willing to offer their time even if you are not in the business with them.
bulletBuild relations, this is what you need to grow.


This is a must because you're always negotiating ad swaps, supply prices, joint ventures, payments, etc.


This is another key to success. If you can't do something don't hesitate to ask for help. You can pay for it or you may propose a join-venture.

For instance, most experts agree that advertising in ezines is the quickest way to effectively generate website traffic and sales. It is also welknown that ezine advertising is very effective when you can write good headlines, ads, articles to capture the readers attention. If you don't have a good performance in writing, partner with ezine publisher(s).

If you have a product and want to build your future sales, it's time to make a list of ezine publishers that you will contact to propose a joint-venture.


Choose a business you love, because if you enjoy what you do. you will never think you work hard.

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Copyright 2003, by Valerian Dinca

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