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Where is your business within the business cycle?
by Maria Marsala

What's the saying, something like... you can't get where you want to go if you don't know where you're going. Every business starts and ends somewhere. First it's an idea and it may stay at this place for a short time or many years. Then it develops into a start-up that takes where you build the critical strong business foundation.

If you are stuck or on a downward spiral then it's time to re-evaluating where you are and where you expect to be in 1, 3, 5, and 10 years. If you want to move ahead quicker, take a look at what it is you need to get "there". Use the list below to help you realign yourself and get the help you need to get you to the next level and beyond.

It's An Idea

 -- I'm ready to make the commitment. 
-- Want to reduce "overwhelmed" into making an initial plan. 
-- Find an "ideal" business I'm passionate about. 
-- Develop a business vision. 
-- Ready to catapult your hobby into a business. 
-- Create a personal budget, reducing expenses, and start saving money for your business. 
-- Work on your personal side to make the time necessary to start your business.

Let's Get It Going - Start-up
 -- Making a plan to transition to "business owner". 
-- Learn how to accomplish what you want to accomplish. 
-- Read the books that are known to help my clients. 
-- Get "buy-in" from your family. 
-- Start the process of transitioning between executive and business owner. 
-- Hire a mentor coach. 
-- Who can you partner with?

Building A Strong Business Foundation 

-- Getting licenses. 
-- Choosing a structure. 
-- Create a "One Page Business Plan" (TM Jim Horan). 
-- Business development and plans specific to gain funding. 
-- Develop vision/mission statement.
 -- Design an operations manual. 
-- Start interviewing people you'll be hiring as contractors.
-- Locating supply, telephone, banking services, etc..

Taking Off - Marketing

-- Create and implement a marketing plan based on integrity. 
-- Design your ideal client profile. 
-- Build and promote an online or off line newsletter. 
-- Increase sales or productivity.
-- Start your Internet presence. 
-- Establish a community presence 
-- Attract more business to you. 
-- Establishing a community presence.

Operating and Re-evaluating? 

-- Monthly performance reviews. 
-- Quarterly business plan review. 
-- Client surveys.
 -- Look at ways to reenergize your business. 
-- Where can expenses be reduced?
-- Design a quality assurance process. 
-- Develop systems to work more efficiently. 
-- Add or re-evaluate technology and back up systems 
-- Learn how to respond to change more quickly.
-- Update the operations manual procedures. 
-- Create reserves. 
-- Get your business ready to sell.
-- Dealing with employee moral and problems.

Where must you take more risks to help your business get to the next level? Are you ready?

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