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Take a Leap! How To Take Your Business to New Heights
by Tresaca Hamilton

Take a moment to reflect on the current reality of your business. Is it everything you dreamed it would be or is it more like a nightmare?

Regardless of the current reality, your business can always improve. But how do you grow your business from its current reality to the business of your dreams?

In order to take your business to new heights, you can't just take steps towards improvement... You have to take a leap!

Here are some tips to help you create the business of your dreams:

1. Increase Your (Ideal) Client Base:

Take some time to create your ideal client profile. Yes, your profile will include such attributes as: pays on time and easy to work with.

But dig much deeper than that.

Do you want a client who is respectful of your time? What about a client who values your services and what you have to offer -- and is willing to pay for that value?

And speaking of value, don't limit your ideal client attributes to someone who can afford to pay for your services. Include such qualities as: passionate about their business, has integrity, and believes in treating people with respect.

Once you have created your ideal client profile, seek out prospects that fit that profile.

Increase your ideal client base by giving these prospects a special introductory offer. If you already have some clients that fit your ideal client profile, send them a thank you gift.

Letting your ideal prospects and clients know that you appreciate them will not only create goodwill -- it will also create new referrals for you.

Referrals that consist of your future ideal clients.

2. Increase Your Business Presence:

Now this may really involve taking a leap if the only marketing you are currently doing is placing an ad in the local paper and waiting patiently for a call from that ad.

The first step to increasing your business presence is to create awareness. Once this is done it is important to keep your prospects' attention and eventually gain their trust.

This means that instead of placing an ad and simply sitting back and hoping for a call, you create an ad that offers an informational pamphlet in the headline.

If the headline speaks directly to your target audience, they WILL call.

Once you receive the call, you need to put the prospect into your database and consistently follow up with them. Call or send a follow up letter a week later to see if they have any questions about the pamphlet they received, and send a postcard to them at regular intervals featuring your newest special offer.

Offer something of value instead of a sales pitch, and you will steadily increase your business presence.

3. Increase Your Revenue:

Do you think it is impossible to achieve your dream of increasing your revenue by 25% or even 10% this year?

Think again. And now think about how you are currently selling your services.

Are you relying on networking and hoping that eventually someone will remember you from a business event and give you a call -- and a sale? Take a leap and become a guest speaker at the networking events you usually attend.

Don't stop there...

Send a proposal to speak at other networking events and business associations.

Create your own seminar or workshop and promote it.

Whenever you are a guest speaker, always distribute handouts to go with your presentation. Include a coupon with a limited time special offer in your handout for the attendees.

Being a guest speaker demonstrates your expertise and establishes your credibility with your prospects.

A good presentation that includes a great special offer tailored specifically for the attendees will result in prospects calling you wanting to do business with you.

4. Work Backwards:

No, this doesn't mean work carelessly. It actually means quite the opposite.

Begin with the end in mind.

Think about where you want your business to be 3, 5, or even 10 years from now. What will it take to build the business of your dreams?

Write down this vision and create goals based on what it will take to make your dream a reality.

Does your vision include a business that will allow you to take more time to pursue your personal passions while your business continues to grow despite your absence?

Then start laying the foundation for that dream now.

Start working ON your business instead of IN your business.

Utilize technology that will streamline your processes. Market more effectively so that you no longer have to struggle to get new clients.

5. Change Your mind...Change Your reality:

The key to creating the business of your dreams is within you.

Once you start believing that it is possible, you will unlock doors that you never knew existed.

You took a risk when you started your business. Now it is time to take a leap towards creating the business of your dreams.

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