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Business Success in Trying Times
by Shannan Hearne-Fortner

Being successful in small business has always had its special challenges. But with the uneasy pre-war economy and an economic recession in process, the challenges are getting tougher and tougher. Here are some simple tips for business success in these trying times.

1. Remember that your customers, whether you operate in a B2B or a B2C environment are watching their pocketbooks, too. Don't look for options to cut costs. Look for options to lower prices without cutting corners. Offer smaller packages or other reduced pricing options for clients who are concerned with cost cutting but don't want to lose out on your valuable offerings.

2. Keep up with the growing American patriotism if you do business in the U.S. Remember that the red, white, and blue sell better and better as we all as American's share our patriotic feelings. Likewise, keep in mind that American attitudes towards countries not backing us in our current war efforts are falling. As restaurants and Congress change the names of foods like French Fries and French Toast, you might want to re-assess your marketing efforts for some foreign products.

3. Focus your marketing efforts on products and services that are less likely to be shelved as luxury purchases rather than necessary purchases in times of economic crisis. If you offer standard coffee and expensive top line coffee, remember that people may downsize their product purchases rather than discontinuing them all together.

4. Monitor world events. Any crisis may impact our inventory receipts and shipping delivery plans. Put a contingency plan in place now and be prepared for whatever comes.

If you keep your focus on doing more business more efficiently, the trying times ahead don't have to negatively impact your business.

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