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How To Attract Lucky Breaks In Business
by Roy Primm

You donít need to carry around a rabbits foot (if it's so lucky why didnít it work for the rabbit?), a four leaf clover or any other object.

All you need to do is read this article and follow the simple instructions. Youíll soon find your luck changing.

1. Ask
The first thing you can do to attract lucky breaks in business is to learn to ask for what you want. Youíd be surprised how many lucky breaks you pass by each day because you didnít ask.

Ask for a price break.
Ask for information.
Ask for more _____________, 
Ask for a higher selling price. 
Ask, all they can do is say no.

2. Positive Attitude
Yes, despite the beating itís taken in the last few years. Research continues to prove over and over again the importance of a positive attitude. The person who attracts success, achievement and even lucky breaks is the people who maintain a positive frame of mind.

Make a commitment not to think, talk, or listen to the negative. If you can do this for the next 30 days youíll never be the same again. Try it and then write me with the results.

3. Think On Paper
Get in the habit of writing down your thoughts and ideas on paper. Get in the habit of carrying a small notepad in your pocket or purse. And every time a thought, idea, or plan comes to you write it down.

4. Expect Lucky Breaks
Another key to attracting lucky breaks in business is to expect it.

Most lucky breaks come and go very fast. So, if youíre not expecting them most will come and go before you notice them.

Itís like baseball catcher. You have to have your glove up and ready to receive the ball from the pitcher or youíll miss it when it comes.

5. Give something extra
Because most people give just enough to get by, the person who will take the simple steps to give a little extra will stand out from the crowd. Doing more is what separates the winners from the average.

The best way to be the best is to do more than the rest. So start today to give extra effort. Give something extra to your customers, to your sales, to making your business better. Your extra efforts will attract extra luck.

6. Persistence
Persistence can be developed and strengthened, just as a weightlifter can strengthen his or her muscles. Persistence can be strengthened and developed by simply practicing being persistent in little things each day.

The more you face a temporary defeat, obstacle, or setback with persistence the easier it will be to persist and the harder it will be to quit. This is a quality that all winners have. On the other hand, low achievers have the opposite habit; they find it easy to quit and hard to persist.

7. Constructive Failures
The ability to fail constructively is a vital trait of all successful people. They are not afraid to fail because they know how to fail, they learn from their failures and keep trying until they succeed. Low achievers are afraid to fail and as a result never try, they lose by default.

By trying success is not guaranteed, but if one does not try, failure is guaranteed. As you make a commitment to learn from your failures, youíll be less prone to have a fear of failure.

By following the above 7 secrets, youíll find your lucky breaks, opportunities, and solutions increasing.

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