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How I Went From Online Failure To Success
by Roy Primm

Did you know 9 out of 10 online businesses fail within the first year? Chances are if youíre reading this youíve tasted failure. I sure have, then I started applying the simple principles in this article.

So, I wonít bore you with more ďget rich quickĒ fantasy. Youíve probably read tons of it already. Let me guess, it got you excited, but didnĎt make you much money. Right?

What you need to know is what to do when your online business ideas donĎt work, because most wonít.

Itís been said that he or she who fails to learn from their mistakes is doomed to repeat them. So read this article very carefully, it will help you to avoid repeating the same mistakes. This alone will save and earn you tons of money. Trust me.

The first step is to evaluate. This is where we look at the results, good or bad. This is also where we learn the most. Such as did it work? Or why didnít it work?

Remember, your customer is your final judge. Just like in a courtroom itís always to your advantage to know what the judge (customer) is thinking.

Some further areas you should focus on are ...

I. Marketing

1. Are you sure you were marketing to the right target customers?
2. Did you market your new idea enough to your target customers?
3. Did you take the time to get feedback from your target customers?
4. Did you make the necessary adjustments?

II. Time

Did you give your online business idea enough time to work? According to extensive market research, it takes 6 to 7 times for a prospective customer to be exposed to a new idea before theyíll accept it.

Many times a online business is expected to be an instant success. This is an idea that makes for good movies scripts for Hollywood, but itís not reality in most cases.

Youíd be surprised to find out that most Fortune 500 companies found their first results were far below expectations. Companies like Ford, Honda, McDonalds, Edison Electric, Microsoft and a host of others.

So, if your online business idea fell below expectations your in some impressive company. Donít despair, read the next section and follow the suggestions.

Did It Fall Way Below Your Expectations?

Most successful businesses, products, or services you see today have been in this category. From Thomas Edison, who failed 10,000 times before seeing the light, to the Wright brothers who crashed for years before flying.

It has been said we learn more from our failures than we do for our successes. So, donít let this learning opportunity escape you without milking it for all itís worth.

If the results of your niche idea fell well below your expectations, one of the reasons listed below could be the cause:

1. Your expectations may be too high.
2. You didnít get enough customer feedback.
3. You didnít take enough time to know your target market.

To get the most out of this learning experience, the following questions should be asked and answered.

1. What area could I have done better in?
2. What will I do better next time?
3. What will I do to avoid doing the next time?
4. What will I concentrate more on?
5. What will I do more of?
6. What will I do less of?
7. Who will I consult with first?
8. What did I underestimate?
9. What did I overestimate?
10. How can I avoid making the same mistakes again?
11. How can I make better use of my strengths?
12. How can I better compensate for my shortcomings?

How To Fail Constructively

Contrary to popular belief, the one trait all successful people have is the ability to fail constructively. That sounds like a profound statement at first glance. But if you take a closer look, youíll find itís true.

The successful athlete, salesperson, parent or successful anything fails the same or more than anyone else. So, whatís the difference in the two? Simple, the successful is the best at learning from their mistakes too.

If you follow the suggestions in this article youíll turn your online failures into success.

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