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BOLD Consulting Group’s 12 Actions for Business Success
By Alice Doyel

1. The business mission and goals must be meaningful and compelling to the company’s current and potential customers, as well as the owner and employees.

2. The business mission, goals, and strategies must reflect the strength of the business: its owners, its employees, and its resources.

3. All goals should have an action plan that includes action steps, accountability, resource allocation, budget items, milestones, and measurable results.

4. New concepts or products should be “piloted” before significant money and effort are put into supporting a start up idea or an innovation.

5. Whoever has responsibility for accomplishment of a business goal must also have the authority and resources (including budget) to reach that goal.

6. Businesses and business owners must stay very focused. Without this focus, the business losses direction and the owner’s time and energy are overtaxed.

7. Time is the most limiting aspect for any business owner, but especially when disabilities issues create time limits of their own. Judicious use of the owner’s time is a primary focus for any small business plan.

8. Business owners should spend the majority of their time on the two or three things that they do the best; the rest should be done by employees or outside resources.

9. Determining exactly what resources are needed, whether they are human or physical, internal or external, is critical to the business and its action plans.

10. Money in itself does not solve problems. Monetary needs and their timing must be determined judiciously – in alignment with measurable goals, viable action plans, and regular evaluation of results.

11. Communication is central to effective business management and operation, whether it is with employees, vendors, associates, customers, or prospects. High quality communication is necessary for obtaining good information for decision making, knowing the market needs and changes, making sales, and enabling the business to run in an efficient and cost effective manner.

12. Good decision making techniques are crucial for small business owners. They must be willing to seek professional assistance, evaluate their businesses on an ongoing, look at alternative solutions to problems, be willing to make changes, and be willing to let go of ineffective products, services, and business strategies.

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Alice Doyel is the founder of BOLD Consulting Group: where she heads the consulting practice specializing in operations management for small businesses. She is also a national speaker, consultant, and advocate on self-employment for people with disabilities. Alice wrote the book, No More Job Interviews! Self-Employment Strategies for People with Disabilities.

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