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Be Yourself - And Prosper!
by Cathy Bryant

If you're operating a home-based business, and particularly if your primary method of marketing is via the internet, it is vitally important that you develop your own unique style.

A cookie-cutter mentality has absolutely no place in the entrepreneurial world. Those individuals and businesses who will ultimately be the most successful are those who master the art of incorporating their own personalities into their business ventures.

It doesn't matter what type of business you're involved in. It could be a network marketing program, selling crafts, affiliate program promotion, running a tutoring service, or any other type of STILL have to give your customers a reason to do business with you rather than the person down the street (or on the other website).

And you do this by letting your own individuality shine through in everything you do. For example, if you publish a newsletter, don't make the mistake of trying to have it look like everyone else's.

Do something different. Something that reflects who you are. Something that readers identify with you so that they have a reason to look forward to each issue.

You don't have to be the world's best writer - in fact, you need to be able to come across as someone very much like those who are reading your words. Someone that they can identify with. Someone who understands their needs.

Use the same technique with your website, if you have one. Rather than read all the copywriting manuals, just put your material in your own words. If you are sincere in your determination to do your best for your customers and prospects, that message will get through every time.

Most importantly, be h-o-n-e-s-t. Hype and hyperbole will get you nowhere.

And the same is true for any offline marketing you do, whether it be by mail, print advertising, phone calls, or any other method. Find some way to personalize your business and your approach so that people can identify you as someone they know and trust because they see you as an individual, not a faceless entity.

Be yourself - and profit from it!

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Cathy Bryant is publisher of the popular online newsletter, HomeBizJunction Herald, which has been published since 1999. Through her newsletter and website,, Cathy focuses on helping others achieve their dream of working from home.

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